Monday, September 18, 2017

¡Viva México!!

Happy 16th of September to all. What's on the 16th of September, you might ask? Independence Day in Mexico, boo yah! I have to say this year there was a lack of patriotism here in Mexico. There weren't even any fireworks at night, or maybe I was too busy sleeping. From what I have observed Mexico celebrates it's independence by drinking a few boozes, throwing a fiesta, and setting up one of those big drop towers in the middle of Zacatecas. Pretty exciting. I was gonna buy a Mexican flag, but then there wasn't any time.. maybe next year.
In other exciting new, this week we had our always exciting ward conference here in Guadalupe, preceded by three days of activities. In our ward conference you'll be happy to know that only one member opposed the Bishop in the sustaining votes. We're making good progress. I'm sure it's a problem in the whole world, but man, here in Guadalupe there's a lot of members that need to get a testimony that their local leaders are called by God. There were several members that boycotted the ward conference because they didn't want to sustain their leaders.. oh brother, you showed them. I personally am very grateful for the local leaders in Alpine, talk about super awesome!
Anywho, other than that the work continues here in the Aguascalientes mission. Jeovanni is still going strong, and the Solis family is progressing towards being baptized, actually they had a baptismal date for this coming Saturday, but Satanás foiled our plans by distracting the Solis family with the 16th of September, and tempting them to not go to church. Womp, womp, womp. So hopefully they'll be ready to go after General Conference.
This week I have been studying our heritage, and I'm amazed by the example of the pioneers, I'm especially amazed by all the sacrifices that they made in order to establish Zion. Brigham Young showed up to Kirtland without a pair of shoes or pants to his name. And I think there's a lot we can learn from their example in order to be able to establish Zion in our lives. Small sacrifices for the Lord's sake bring great blessings. Just think about that, the next time you feel a little selfish, upset, or confused. And have a great week!
Love-Elder Webb

Oops, no action shots this week

Monday, September 11, 2017

oh nor, we're done fir here in mexico

Olo Familia and friends,
How goes it on the homestead? Here on the Mexican front we have rain, more rain, and tacos er derp rain. According to local news reporters.. or Brother G there have been like 3 hurricanes and the 2nd coming is going to happen any minute. In fact he spoke this week in Church and said "I was supposed to talk about faith, but I feel inspired to talk about the signs of the second coming"... later followed a bunch of stuff, oh brother. So y'all better watch out now. But in case you were concerned, everything is all good here. In fact we now have blue skies and sunshine.
In other exciting news, this week was pretty good. We had the always exciting multi-zone conference with Presidente Hernandez. The quality of these meetings gets better every time. Last time that snack was a yogurt, but this time they brought doughnuts. Yes, we are moving up in the world. There are great things in store for this mission.
On Monday we had an interesting family home evening with the Hermanas. We went to visit some less actives.. actually, inactives, whose son (who is 25 years old) is hyperactive. While we were learning about charity, the pure love of Christ, the hyperactive boy, decided it would be a good idea to whip off his shirt and show us his chest tattoo and enormous belly. After we scraped the sisters jaws off the ground, the electricity which had been turned off for like 3 days came back on. Jose jumped out of his chair and ran as fast as he could to turn off the light which was then followed by some spankings from his elderly mother, a musical number by him, and some hot dogs. It was a pretty action packed night if you ask me.
Other than that everything is going good, aún Sion prospera. Anyway, here's a scripture I like 1 Samuel 16:7- "But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature, for the Lord seeth not as man seeth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart". I think we should always try to emulate the Savior's example. It's easy to judge people by their outward appearance, it's easy to see their errors and mistakes, and it's easy to see them as the world would have them be. I've learned to we we see others as the Lord see's them, we we look upon the heart, we recognize their potencial to become like him. Likewise we should do the same with ourselves. Don't look on your outward appearance. See the great plan that God has for you, don't be so hard on yourself, but always remember and strive to be what the Lord would have you be. Your are his child and he wants you to become like him. I hope that we may be more like Christ each day. Lets do a little more, let's be a little better. I hope everyone has a fantastic week. I love and pray for you each day
Love Elder Webb

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

im having a lot of technical difficulties, we'll see if this arrives, if theres no picture, sorry

Well. another good week has already passed by. I can say that this was by far one of the busiest weeks of my whole life. But  also this week was probably the week that I have done the least amount of proselyting in my whole mission. So Monday was P-day. I don't remember what we did but in the afternoon we went to visit Jeovanni. We taught him the last few things before his baptism, and he and his family gave us the green light for the baptism. The rest of the week we were preparing everything for the baptism, which was Saturday, woo hoo.
Later on Tuesday we had intercambios. Somehow I ended up with Elder Smith again. Me and my companion both went to their area to work there, so we didn't do anything in our area. But at night we played Monoply and I dominated. Actually I came in 3rd place out of 4 womp, womp, womp. I'm pretty the Spanish version of Monopoly is rigged. Anyway, Wednesday was normal I'm pretty sure, but then on Thursday they told us they were going to reopen Ojocaliente a rancho out in the boonies it's like Calvillo,  so on Thursday we had to haul all their stuff out there. On Friday we took the new missionaries out to their area. El poderoso Elder Baquiax mi hijo unigénito is going to be out there. Oh and on Friday we had Jeovannis baptismal interview, but he could only do it at 7 in the morning, so the zone leaders came to stay they night. And don't worry we ate pizza and played card games.
Then Saturday we headed over to the church to fill up the font, and later that afternoon was Jeovannis baptism. I don't know why but Satan is always working hardcore before peoples baptisms. The baptism was supposed to be at 7, but at like 6:59 Jeovanni called us and said that they were on their way to the church, but suddenly their car stopped working, so an hermano went to pick them up. His car has 5 seats, and when they arrived there were like 10 people in the car it was hilarious. He also arrived late to his confirmation, but other than that everything went well.
Uh I was reading a while back in Thessalonians 5: 2-4 which says "for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night, for when they shall say, peace and safety; the sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape, but ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief." The coming of the Lord gets closer everyday. If the Lord were to come tomorrow, would we be ready? If not I'd hope that we would make the changes necessary to be ready, because ye brethren are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a theif. I hope everyone has a great week, and that everyday we can become more like Christ.
Love Elder Webb

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Howdy Friends

Howdy friends,
Welp it's been another busy and exciting week. We had interviews with Presidente and finally after like 8 months I had an interview with him, and not his wife, Sister Hernandez. When I walked into the room, he said Elder Webb it's so good to talk to you again.. in person! So that was genial . Govanni and his family made it out to church, and if everything goes well he should be baptized this Saturday, the family Solis is also progressing well, but the parents still have to get married so we'll see what happens, also in these last weeks Luz, and Perla have made it to church too. I feel like to Lord has magnified our efforts, and have been blessed to see a lot of progress.
Today for P-day we played Monopoly with Elder Smith (from the CCM). And it was super rigged, I'm pretty sure the dice were broken because the whole time I landed on 1 property that wasn't already bought, but some how I came in 4th place out of 6. Anyways as school is starting and all that I have a thought. I think a lot of the time the youth and those going back to school get caught up in being cool, and fitting in. A lot of kids waste their time in activities that could be better spent doing something else, and some get confused and even lose their way. I would just like to invite everyone to be an example of the believers, and to stand in holy places. The world gets more sketchy every day, but Christ has said, 'fear not, for I have over come the world'. This week I noticed something interesting here in Zacatecas, this week a bunch of people put up a bunch of invitations on every single light post with a very inappropriate picture. I was surprised to see that only a few days later the inappropriate part had been torn off of almost every invitation, and was glad to know that there are a lot of people that have high standards and a belief in Christ.
I hope we can be a little more Christlike, lets be a little kinder, lets serve a little more, I know that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He should be the center of our lives, please make it happen, and have a wonderful week.
Love Elder Webb

Monday, August 21, 2017

what eclipse?

Ya I'm pretty sure brother Da Luna lied to us, or Mexico got confused or something, because at 12 there was no eclipse to be seen, what a rip off. But at least this was a good week. Geovanni didn't make it out to church, so we'll have to postpone his baptism. We haven't actually seen him in this week, they said they had to leave so I don't really happened there.
But the good news is that the whole Soliz family made it out to church. Before only the parents were coming, but now all 4 of em made it out, plus another lady, boo yah. The area is really coming along. When I first got here it was by far the worst area in Zacatecas, but now it's the most productive. We don't have a ton of investigators, but the ones we have are progressing muy bien.
Well I can't think of anything else to say so I'm gonna put this here:
In the quiet misty morning
When the moon has gone to bed,
When the sparrows stop their singing
And the sky is clear and red,
When the summer's ceased its gleaming
When the corn is past its prime,
When adventure's lost its meaning -
I'll be homeward bound in time
Bind me not to the pasture
Chain me not to the plow
Set me free to find my calling
And I'll return to you somehow
If you find it's me you're missing
If you're hoping I'll return,
To your thoughts I'll soon be listening,
And in the road I'll stop and turn
Then the wind will set me racing
As my journey nears its end
And the path I'll be retracing
When I'm homeward bound again.
:) Everyone always says the second year passes by faster and it's true. I don't want you to think that I've been thinking about going home and all that, because I haven't. I hope to be able to serve the Lord with all I have.
I hope everyone has a great week, besitos-
Love Elder Webb
El poderoso Baquiax is back in my zone

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Si yo fuera una hermana, este sería mi ultimo cambio

Howdy yall,
Well another transfer has gone by. Today we had cambios, or better said we didn't have cambios haha. Me and elder Adrian will be here in Guadalupe for another cambio. boo yah. The good news is that it's very likely that we are going to have a baptism in this transfer. Govanni didn't make it out this week to church, but is still committed to the 26th of august, also that Soliz Family is making good progress, and there's some other new people coming out of the nowhere. And who knows maybe we'll baptize my companion again too, haha just kidding.
You know when I started my mission it was like I have to baptize people for me, so that I can be cool and all that. But now it's not anything like that, I've come to love the people here in Mexico. Everything is for them now, I want them to receive all of the promised blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to be able to return to the presence of God. When I started loving the people, I think I started to see all the joy that comes from sharing the Gospel, even if they don't accept our message or change, it doesn't even matter because I love them, and the Lord does too.
I was thinking a little about this the other week, everything God does is because he loves us. If he didn't love us I'm pretty sure his life would be pretty boring, and he'd never feel the joy that comes from seeing us progress. And even when we don't "progress" he still loves us and he's still going to do everything possible to help us.
Oops, anyways, returning back to the week we also had an exciting ward mission activity, when I first showed up here the first activity that we had, had a whopping attendance of 12 people. And this time like 50 people made it out. We did a rally, which was pretty much like field day that they have in elementary school at the end of the year, it was pretty intense. Also I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm becoming a soccer master, here in Zacatecas they play soccer almost every week, so watch out! All my other skills have gone out the window, but that's ok. Anywho I hope everyone has a great week, I love and pray for you everyday
Love Elder Webb
I'd put a picture here, but we had to go to the ciber that always eats my pictures.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Howdy pardners,
This week was pretty good, as usual. We had like 4 meetings so that was pretty intense, every time that Presidente comes to town, there's always a bunch of meetings. If you were wondering how my Spanish is coming along, I finally learned how to do the "rr", after years of practice it finally came out. I made a ground breaking discovery that I needed to move my tonge (lengua ?) more. That was like the last important thing that I needed to learn, so nice, I guess you could say I'm a spanish master, haha just kidding.
So anyways right now Elder Adrian and I are teaching a bunch of people, but the most potentes are the family Soliz, and the family Garcia (Geovanni's family). They've both been progressing very well, and I was glad to see that they both made it out to church this week. Going to church is so important for the investigators.  If they never make it to church they'll never advance, Geovanni is preparing to be baptized on the 26th, and the one family needs to get married, so we'll see what happens.
Later, on Wednesday we had an exciting meeting with Presidente, I feel like since Presidente Hernandez has been here the mission has changed a lot. Every meeting that we have with him we can feel that he's received revelation so that we can make necessary changes that will help to work move along faster. I'm glad for the leaders we have in the church that receive revelation from God and help us see the things that we can't see or perhaps have forgotten.
So here's a fun thought, this week I was learning about light and truth, and I think a lot of times in the church we think "you know, why do I have to keep these little commandments if there's really no noticeable consequence?" For example a lot missionaries think if I don't get up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30 nothing's going to happen. But what we don't see is when we don't keep the commandments we loose light, we loose spiritual energy or power. And when we keep the commandments we receive more light and as we obtain more light we come to know more truth, and we are more receptive to receive and understand the truth from God. Not just my opinions or thoughts, but the truth as it has always been and will be. So the next time your going to do something that maybe doesn't have a big consequence think about this. If you don't do what's right your going to loose spiritual power, and if you do whats right you'll be a spiritual monster, and you will come to know the truth of all things by the power of the Holy Ghost.
Welp I hope everyone has a great week.
Love-Elder Webb

The first epistole of Elder Webb to the Guadalupenses

Chapter 1
Guadalupe is filled with wickedness but luckily for the the power of the Lord came upon them,
and Elder Webb eats pizza, and hardly has anytime to write
1 And it came to pass that of the 4th P-day of the 11th cambio (I think) of the reign of Elder Webb over the people of Mexico, the Elders from the Zacatecas played soccer.
2 But behold the shedding of blood and tears of the pueblo of Zacatecas was indeed great between the wicked ones, because Elder Webb scored at least 100 goals, or at least 2.
3 And on the morrow, one of the most intense district meetings was given unto the wicked hermanas from Guadalupe 1 and my companion, behold they did learn how to use their time wisely, and invite others to attend church.
4 Never the less it was in vain because of the hardness of their hearts.
5 And it came to pass that while Elder Webb was ministering to the sick and casting out a load of demons, the Elders in Guadalupe had been teaching the Soliz Family of their wicked tradicions, and foolish ways.
6 It came to pass that they came to church on Sunday.
7 And the whole meeting was about tithing.
8 But it's ok, because the Spirit of the Lord was felt, and his glory was shone round about them.
9 Wherefore my beloved brethren from the states, I say unto ye, repent ye, repent ye, for the kingdom of God is at hand.
10 And it saddens me that ye may dwindle in unbelief because of your wicked ways.
11 Now behold my brethren the Lord has forbid me to write more, asi que, too da loo
12 love elder Webb

Monday, July 24, 2017

Welp, I hope y'all like the photos last week

Welp I hope y'all like the photos last week, because this week there won't be any. Now I have time to write but I forgot my camera at home, whoops. Anywho lets see what happened. I feel like in these last few months I've been stuck in the middle of the thunder storm. Everything just hasn't worked, but in these last few weeks I feel like the sunshine is coming out again. That's the good news, after every storm the sun always comes out. All the people that we've been visiting are starting to progress, all the menos activos that we've been teaching have come out of the woodworks too and are coming to church.
This week we found this family of less actives that hadn't come to church and haven't had any contact with the church in more then 6 years. So we invited them to the church thinking that in maybe in another 6 years they would come, but they came. I felt like the Grinch: they came, they came without presents, they came without tinsel.. haha. Later we learned that their son has never been baptized. After church we went to visit them and we asked the son what he liked about church and he said he liked the talk about covenants and that he wanted to get baptized. We're hoping for the 12 of Agosto but we'll see what happens. Also this day I had been fasting so that we could find someone who wanted to receive the gospel in their lives.
Let's see what else, my companion is a great guy, he's has a lot of charity. At night when I'm hungry, I'm just sitting there and the a few tacos magically pop in front of my mouth. I don't remember if I've already said this but he has been out here for 6 months, and I'm his third companion. I kinda like being with new missionaries. I feel like I've been able to help my last few companions become better people and better missionaries. This week I also had exchanges with Elder Smith from the ccm. It was good to see him and catch up on all the exciting stuff that's happened in the mission. It's was weird to think the 16 months later we would have exchanges.Welp I hope everyone is having a great summer. In all the hustle and bustle don't forget the Lord.
Love Elder Webb

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

No sé qué poner aquí

I realized I've only been sending these emails to the fam, but I hope everything is there on my sweet blog. Check it out...Anyway this week is pretty exciting. When I woke up in the morning I had something really important to tell you all, or so I thought, but now I can't remember, oh well.
If I didn't tell y'all the last week, my new companion is Elder Adrian from Puebla, Mexico. He has 6 months but tells everyone that he has 7. He's a pretty good Elder. According to him he's been a member his whole life but was always inactive and so according to him he's only been a member for a year. He's a hard worker so that's what counts.
We had a great week too. We found this awesome family the Soliz Cuña family and they are super prepared. Actually we found out that the dad was baptized when he was 12 but then he fell off that wagon. We also found another hermana that's super goo. She told us she had seen a documentary about the church a few weeks ago and wanted to learn more. We are also teaching a young man named Guillermo, and one investigator named Juan Carlos came to church this Sunday so boo yah. There are a lot of good things ahead for this area. I have to say the work has progressed quite a bit in these past few weeks. We also had "interviews" again this week, I had interviews with the president's wife again and I have to say it's just not the same. Presidente is puro amor and brings the Spirit with him everywhere he goes.
Sé que el Señor vive y que el Señor les ama a cada uno de ustedes, tengo un testimonio de esta gran obra que estamos haciendo, la Iglesia es verdadera y el Señor esta llevando a cabo su obra por medio de nosotros, que tengan una excelente semana!
Love- Elder Webb
Sorry for the lack of pictures, the computer has been deleting my pictures but next week we are going to go to a different ciber.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

quack, quack

Ohh say can you see, by the dawn's early light... happy 8th of July everyone, best day of the year! I like remembering the independence of our great nation.. and it came to pass that Elder Webb conquered those darn Englanders and set all the americaners free.. er, that's what I learned in history class.
Anyways this week was super busy. I'm pretty sure we had like 7 meetings. On Monday was the P-Day meeting, on Tuesday was the leadership meeting with Presidente and the asistentes, on Wednesday was the conferencia de zona meeting, on Thursday was the weekly planning meeting and the ward correlacion meeting, on Friday was implementacion meeting on Saturday was the baptismal service meeting, and on Sunday was the sacrament meeting. Pretty much we didn't have any time, but all the meetings were very good. It's always good when presidente comes to town, the meetings are always inspired and help us receive revelation and be better missionaries.
The sisters in our district also had a baptism this week. In Calvillo I never did  baptismal interviews because we lived in the boonies and the zone leaders always did it, so this was my first interview, and I have to say it was a pretty spiritual experience. I could feel that the Lord was satisfied with the hermana's decision and was consoling her that it was the right decision. The best thing about serving a mission is to see people who have changed their lives and are ready, and make covenants with God. Oh ya then on Sunday found out about the transfers. Elder Villegas headed off to San Luis Potosí, and my new companion is Elder Adrian from Puebla, Mexico, and he has 6 months in the mission. I would send some exciting action shots but this thing always robs my pictures. Next week we're gonna go to a better ciber and I'll send some pictures. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the summer.
Love-Elder Webb

Monday, June 26, 2017


Welp this week was pretty good as usual. We are already in the 6th week which means that there are already cambios. This transfer has passed by very fast. I was hoping to see a few baptisms and more progress with the investigatores, but without all that it's still been a very good learning experience, and I think in these last few cambios I've learned more than I have in my whole mission. I've come to better know my Savior and the Atonement.
A lot of the times in the mission, a lot of missionaries ask themselves "why is it so hard, why don't the people progress more quickly, why can't we find more people to teach, why do they reject us, why do the members not want to help us?" and a lot of other stuff. Elder Holland gives this advice, that salvation is not a cheap experience. How could we ever receive any lasting and meaningful testimony of the atonement without having experienced a little suffering and a little of the pain that he felt? Christ's whole life was filled with disappointments, rejection, and sad experiences. The only perfect life this world has ever had and will have was filled with imperfect situations, and experiences. It gives me strength and comfort to know that if it was never easy for him, then why should it be easy for me? But thankfully Jesus Christ already paid that price, and is always there to help us and lift us up in our moments of affliction, and through Christ I can do all things. I hope everyone has a great week
Love Elder Webb
I'm gonna hold off on the pictures, these computers just want to rob my sweet action shots

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I never know what to title this

Howdy y'all
You know, this week was pretty normal. On Tuesday we had intercambios with the zone leaders, it was pretty intense. Both of them came to our area to spend the day and night. I went with Elder De la Cruz who goes home this transfer, and my companion went with Elder Mirón who is 27 years old. Of course, following tradition that night we ordered pizza. But the bad news is that mexican pizza causes a lot of gases, so you can imagine what happened after that. Needless to say I didn't sleep very well.
That day we had the district meeting which was great as always heh heh....Thursday was correlación misional. Sadly brother Eric didn't show up so the hermanas invited us to tacos. You know now that I'm thinking about it we ate a lot of tacos and pizza this week. On Wednesday we had a home evening with a family in our ward and they cooked us pizza. Then the hermano told us about how he was Juan el bautista en su mision. He said he bautized 800,000 people in his mission, whatever hermano. After that i told him that in mexico 99.3% of the people here are catholics er something like that, and then I told him that after my time here in guadalup only 99.2% of Mexico will be catholic heh heh heh. Things are going well here in Gaadalupe. When I showed up there was nothing, literally nothing. We've been able to find some new people who are willing to learn so that's been good. Elder Villegas has changed a lot too, he is now waking up at 6:30 every day heh heh, so that's good too. I'm gonna send some pictures I hope the computer doesn't rob my pictures again
Love Elder Webb
ok that didn't work to computer robbed my pictures again.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stake Conference

Howdy y'all-
This week was pretty exciting. Let's see what did we do... I think the high light from this week was the Stake Conference. The 70 came to visit and told us that years ago he served in Zacatecas in the Guadalupe ward, rut roh. I always like the conferences, because even here in Zacatecas where the church isn't organized very good, and where there's a lot of new converts, you can always feel the spirit, and it's another testimony that the leaders of the church are called by revelation and are inspired by God. You know if you think about all the leaders from Christ's church when he was on the earth, all of the original 12 apóstoles were recent converts that had less than 3 years as members. It must have been a mess in those Stake Conferences, but the Lord calls and prepares, and magnifies his leaders.
I really liked one talk that talked about our faith. The hermana shared that her 5 year old always prayed when he lost something and he always found it right after his prayer. She said her other daughter one time lost a pair of shoes in a huge city, but she said her prayer so she could find her shoe, and while she was praying her mom said a prayer that her daughter wouldn't lose her faith if they didn't find the shoe. But right after the prayer they found the shoe. I think a lot of the time we doubt the Lord in the little things and we second guess what's going to happen. We should always trust in the will and plan of God, that in his own time and in his own way our prayers will always be answered.
We also had interviews with presidente. Presidente's wife "interviewed" me instead of Presidente about my study journal, and I ain't gonna lie it was pretty weird. Today was an exciting P-day we ate Little Ceasars in a park, niiice. Welp I hope everyone has a fantastic week. The last time I sent a picture the computer deleted all my pictures from May so i'm gonna hold off with the action shots for a bit,
Elder Webb

Monday, June 5, 2017


Welp, the time is far spent, but I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still alive and that I read all ur letters. We went skating and then the zone leaders showed up and took up the time, womp. But this weeks been pretty good. The work is advancing and it's already June, zoinks. I hope everyone has a good week, good luck with the (tonsils and) teeth Kendall and pa
Love elder Webb

Monday, May 29, 2017


Howdy y'all,
Sorry for the short letter last week, there's a lot of juicy deets here in Guadalupe. So now I'm with Elder Villegas. He has the same amounts of time as Elder Baquiax, 4 months almost. I'm pretty much retraning him, because I don't wanna call people out or anything, but.... But Elder Villegas has a lot of potential, and is a good missionary, and he's from Mexico City like all my other companions, so we'll see what happens.
When I got to the area we had a grand total of 3 investigatores, none of which are progressing. It was pretty embarrassing. I don't know what these dudes were doing but there's nothing here. It's really sad too because the area has a ton of potential, it's a big area and a big ward. Yesterday there were like 80 people that attended church, and when I asked for a copy of the ward directory there's like 600 members in the area. In the ward there are 3 areas and in our area there's like 300 members. So we have a lot of work to do. This week we didn't do much because my companion was sick until Thursday. But the other days we found some new people to teach and we received some references from the members. I have a lot of faith the the Lord has prepared a lot of people here and that the fields are ready to harvest.
The other day I read a scripture that describes my mission D&C 64:33 and 34 says "Wherefore be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great. 34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind, and the willing and obediente shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days." In our lives we never can know the impact of the little things we do.The Lord requires a willing heart and a willing mind, the Lord asks for us to obey and then he does the rest. I hope everyone has a great week, and can remember the Lord and live by righteousness that will lead us to our reward.
Love-Elder Webb

                                          the new district plus the zone leaders boo yah

Monday, May 22, 2017

De Calvillo a Guadalupe

Howdy y'all
This week's pretty exciting. Today were the much awaited transfers. I am now in Guadalupe 2 in Zacatecas. It's weird- it's about 10 minutes from my first area, Zacatecas 2. And my new companion is Elder Villegas from Mexico City. And lemme tell you it's so good to be back in the city, and it's sooo good to be back in a ward. I haven't met any of the members of anything but it just feels good. We went to the grocery store and there were more the 5 isles, it was amazing. It seems like a great place, and I'm ready to work hard here. I really learned a lot in Calvillo, being in a little branch with a lot of needs really helped me to gain more confidence and work better. I'm going to miss the people in Calvillo there are a lot of great members (9) and investigatores. Elder Baquiax was a little sad in the morning, but he's gonna be able to lead the area with power and authority now.
Aw man the picture thingy doesn't work and I don't have a lot of time. Welp I hope everyone has a great week
love Elder Webb

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recordando Baquiax

Howdy yall,
This week was pretty rough but still good. We are now in week 11 of 12 in Elder Baquiax's training. Good old Elder Baquiax. I remember the first time when we went to the grocery store, Elder Baquiax just followed me around and bought the exact same things that I bought, then he asked me to teach him how to polish his shoes, and later he asked me to teach him how to shave himself, and now he's almost become his own man.
Supposedly I'm supposed to be transferred here shortly but we'll see what happens. Luckily the ap's are in my district so I'll get all the juicy deets from them here in a few days. And zoinks it's already may what happened to april, sometimes I still write 2016 in my agenda. Anyways this week was exciting on friday and saturday we went to visit the ranchitos here in Calvillo we went to La Labor which is about 45 minutes from Calvillo and we went to San Tadeo which is about 30 minutes from Calvillo and the branch president is actually from there but now he lives in Aguas. We have a family that is really great from La labor there's Fransisco and his wife Jasmin and the 2 kids. They weren't able to make it to church for the lack of funds this week, and we have another in San Tadeo named Rogelio that's pretty good too, he comes to church on and if but has a bunch of crazy ideas. You know that's the one thing about los pueblitos there are a ton of old gummers with a bunch of crazy ideas.(althought that's true in the whole world, it's more intense here in Calvillo) Rogelio told us that the other day he was walking in the woods when suddenly a huge indian poped out of no where and was about to attack him, but then the little Indian saved his life, and then all of the sudden Rogelio hunted a deer and that's how the meat got to the table... I'm pretty sure he gets his dreams and real life confused. He also told us that some old crusty dude with a big old beard was painting some paintings in Calvillo (I've seen this guy about a thousand times) and that he was convinced that is was Jesus Christ, he said "he even had the same sandals!" Ya whatever Hermano Rogelio, he's progressing poco a poco. Como Ven.
 I hope we can all remember Jesus Christ this week who offers us perfect love, one of the apostles I don't remember who said that the most powerful love after the love of Christ is the love of our Mothers. I'm very grateful for my mom and for all the love she has given me, she has been one of the most influential personas in my whole life, and has taught me how to live the gospel through her example. I love you mom and I hope you have a very nice mothers Day, also I hope yall have a great week
Love Elder Webb

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The 3rd Epistole of San Webb

The 3rd Epistole of San Webb to the people of Alpine
1 Oh ye fair ones, oh beautiful people, how could you have perverted the ways of the Lord? Oh wicked people, repent ye repent ye, and come unto Christ, or the Lord shall surely say: Destroy thou them! And chuck them in the pit of everlasting wo!
2 Wo Wo Wo!
3 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,
4 Wo unto the poor in spirit: for theirs is not the kingdom of heaven.
5 Wo unto they that do not mourn: for they shall not be comforted.
6 Wo unto the unmeek: for they shall not inherit the earth, nay not even the land of Mexico.
7 Wo unto they which do not hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall not be filled. Nay, Nay, not even one taquito
8 Wo unto the unmerciful: for they shall not obtain mercy.
9 Wo unto the impure in heart: for they shall see the wicked one!
10 Wo unto the he that maketh corn doggery: for they shall not be called the children of God.
11 Wo unto they which are persecuted for unrighteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of the furnace and fiery pit.
12 Wo are ye!
13 And it came to pass that in the 13th month of the reign of San Webb over the people of Calvillo that there came a drought, not a drought of thirst for a tasty horchata, but a drought of baptisms.
14 And the heart of San Webb was sorely afflicted, and he cried all the night unto the Lord saying: Por quéééé?
15 But nevertheless the powerful Elder Baquiax who was about to finish his training, was sorely confused.
16 But the powerful Branch President said unto them: Fear not, I bring chicken and tortillas
17 Now behold the Lord forbids me that I right more, and my heart is sorely afflicted for your unrighteous sake.
18 Nevertheless I love and miss y'all
19 Elder Webb
 Chef Webb Strikes Again

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ya es Navidad

Happy Christmas y'all. The other day we headed on over to the local pharmacy to pay the electric bill. We entered from the 320 degree weather and it was as cool as the pool in the pharmacy, and a lovely Mexican rendition of Jingle Bells was playing. I thought Santy Claus was going to show up but I'm pretty sure he got delayed. Man it's been so hot lately, I'm pretty sure every time we go out my arm hairs start sizziling.
Anywho this was a pretty good week. El poderoso Elder Baquiax (bah-key-aggh) had a birthday this week; he turned 19. And luckily on Saturday we had an exciting activity in the branch. It was for kids day er something like that. There was a piñata but only like 3 kids showed up, so we ate the cake instead for Elder Baquiax's birthday. And we're gonna save the piñata for the Mothers day activity hehe. Speaking of Mothers day, we have a phone call coming up ooh. They haven't told us anything yet, but it should be here in 2 er 3 weeks.
Anywho back to what I was on Friday we found Brother Jaime a less active member all bummed out because he was broke, and out of gas (or so he thought) and he had to move some stuff from his brothe'rs house, so we helped him push his car for about a mile, and he realized that he still had gas but his battery was dead. So we flagged some dude down to help us jump his car, and then we helped brother Jamie to move all his garbage er stuff from his brothers house. Pretty much it was a mess, but I learned an important lesson, Brother Jamie just wanted one peso so he could buy himself a taco and some gas. He had completely forgotten the Lord, and was only looking for the worldly solution. He had put his trust in the arm of man instead of the power of God, and is still stuck in the same situation. How many times do we look for a quick fix or a short cut to solve a short term problem that at the end of the day won't matter? Brother Jamie was moving all of his stuff because his brother came to town and he thought he was going to steal his stuff. When we finished tying all his garbage to his van, his son came and said "why are you doing all this...your brother already left." So the moral of the story is that the Lord is always looking after us. He has a better plan prepared, and we just need to wait a little bit, and follow the will of the Lord, I hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Love Elder Webb
Aw man I forgot to take some action shots this week. Next week, next week.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No hay descanso por los inicuos

Welp, another great week here in Calvillo. The only bad part was on Monday when we went to cut our hair. The lady totally butchered everything, but I have faith that my hair will grow back.
Here in Mexico I've been learning all kinds of Mexican cuisine to cook for y'all here in a few years. This week I learned a delish tortilla dish, with salsa, yum. Everything's pretty much the same here, tortillas, a lil bean, a lil rice, a lil salsa, delish. I don't know what the deal is here in Calvillo, but the food here makes me sick. Luckily I've been on the mend, and this was my first week here without any special trips to the bathroom. so that's always a good sign.
This week was la semana santa here in Mexico. Their Easter celebration is the whole week. It starts 2 Sundays ago and ended this Sunday. Sunday, Saturday, and Friday are especially big days. Here in Calvillo there was a reenactment of the death of Jesucristo, a carooke competition, misa (mass), a shin dig in the town square. Although we didn't go to any of this it sounded pretty exciting, but it was another reminder to me of how quick the children of man are to forget the Lord their God. Every booz buster came out of the woodwork this week and it was a mess. It's weird how the devil takes something so special like the resurrection and life of Jesus Christ and turns it into a sin fest.
With all this mess everyone was also on what would be their spring break, so as far as investigatores, all of em bounced out. Last week, the Church was pretty barren, and I had the same fears this week, that nobody was going to show up. I remember before we left to go to church I said a pray asking for "una buena asistencia" or good attendance, and I prayed specifically that at least 2 investigadores could show up. When we got there of course no one was there, about 15 people showed up when they meeting started and only one investigator, and I felt a little disapointed. So I said another prayer or 3, and after the Sacrament about 10 more people showed up and a few more investigatores. 26 people came which is the record here in Calvillo. It was an answer to my prayers and another testimony that the Lord really does care. Then after that I gave an awesome talk about la Santa Cena. I feel blessed to be here and thanks y'all for you prayers, I hope everyone has an magnificent week.
Lots of Love-
Elder Webb
The chosen district (the ap's are missing and 2 extra sisters that got the boot from their district are there too, only 2 Americanos, puro poder)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Hmm, how r y'all doing? Oh, I'm doing good too. This week was pretty good too, although I don't remember too many of the deets. Every transfer is 6 weeks, and yesterday I thought it was week 3, and then they announced los cambios. Don't worry I'm still here in Calvillo with Elder Baquiax. Anywho lets see...
After an exciting P-day we moved on to Tuesday, when we had the always exciting district meeting boo yah. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. Then we headed back to Calvillo after our 4 day trip to Aguascalientes.
After that was Wednesday. Oh ya, now I'm remembering what happened. After the district meeting we had intercambios er divisions with los elderes in Tabascito. It was pretty good. I stayed here in Calvillo and Elder Lopez came here with me. Elder lopez is a pretty good elder, he goes home this transfer.
Then afterward on Thursday it was a normal day. We visited a few investigatores. Right now we are teaching hermana Paoula, hermana Lucia, hermano Salvador, hermano Gustavo, hermano Juan and Jonathan, and others. They're all doing pretty good. Right now no one wants to accept a baptismal date, but they are doing their part, and will soon receive an answer.
Friday and Saturday were pretty normal too. We found a few new people to teach, I've really seen lately how the Lord prepares people to teach. The other day we found an hermana named Mari. The day before her nephew told us we could pass by so we passed by, and she told us she wanted to come to church and wanted a religion, and was excited to go to church. But then she slept in late, so we'll wait for her the next Sunday.
Then Sunday was pretty good too. Not too many showed up, but then I remembered what President Uchtdorf said in the conference "sed de buen animo y no temáis mi pequeño rebaño" be of good cheer and do not fear my little flock, er something like that. In the church we are the little flock and especially in Calvillo. But where there are 2 or 3 congregated in the name of the Lord, the Lord will be with it. Welp I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
love-Elder Webb

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Like zoinks scoobs lets bust out of here

Well, I was going to write an awesome letter about all the exciting stuff and things I've learned this first year out here in Mexico but the we got back late and now there's no time. Right now we are in Aguas with the zone leaders and the assistentes (that's spelled wrong). We went to Costco for the food for the month.
Ya but anyways things are going good here, This week we didn't do much because Tuesday was the district meeting (boo yah). Wednesday and Thursday, there was a special meeting with Presidente and Saturday and Sunday was the General conference, so we were only in Calvillo for like 2 days. I really liked the general conference (I need to read the talks again because I learned so much that I already forgot everything) I liked a talk from Elder Utchdorf (I think) that talked about a lot of things, but he said that when the Lord calls us he magnifies us in our callings. I feel that has been especially true with me in this last year, I remember when I showed up, a little zit infested kid, with no social skills, little to no knowledge, and perhaps less prepared then he thought he was. There have been many instances when I've felt that the solution through my abilities was impossible, and it was. The Lord knows everything and has the solution to everything. I've learned how to trust in the Lord and how to try to follow his will, and it ain't easy. The only ways to have success in the Lord's work is with the Lord's help.
I feel very grateful for the things I've learned. The testimony we recieve like Moroni teaches in Ether always comes after the trial of our faith. The Lord never lets us down, he always keeps his promises. When we don't recieve a blessing from the Lord it's because we didn't do out part. Welp have a great week, I'd invite y'all to share the gospel in whatever form possible.
love Elder Webb

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Howdy y'all,
I hope everyone has had a great week, and has enjoyed this great month of March. Also happy b-day Kendall, big 23, rut roh watch out ladies. Anywho this week was pretty good here in Calvillo, as usual. This week I have been studying a book called Our Heritage a brief history of the church, and it was so good that I read the whole book in one week. There were a lot of things that impressed me, especially the optimism of the early saints. When they headed out on the plains for Utah, they created the hymn Come, Come ye Saints where the last lines say "all is well, all is well" when in fact nothing at all was well. I guess this week I was getting a little down on myself, I feel like in this last month I've been the best missionary that I've been in my whole mission, but at the same time we haven't had as much success as we would have liked, the baptisms haven't been coming.
On Tuesday we went to visit our only investigator Jose that had a baptismal date, for the 8th of April, and he was doing good, but later we visited him on Thursday and there was a tent outside of his house with a few people outside, and the doors were opened so we went inside and there was a coffin with Brother Jose inside, and they were having a viewing service outside. It was so out of the blue and so unexpected, I felt really bad for el Hermano Jose. It was interesting that the last lesson that we taught was the life after this life, and it was just an eye opener that we never know when it's our turn to go.
So after that I was feeling a little sad, for everything that's been happening here, but later I was reading that book. And I realized all is well, all is well here in Calvillo. Perhaps we can't change the Lord's plans and his will, but we can submit ourselves to the will of this Lord like the pioneers, who were constantly being attacked by the picking devil, and persecuters of the church.
You know it's not so important the circumstances of our life but rather the focus of our lives. If we're rooted in the doctrine of Christ, we will always be blessed for out efforts and loyalty to the Lord. And he shall always deliever us from the adversary. So that's pretty much it.
I hope everyone's excited for general conference this week. I was reading something from Elder Ballard and he said that when he had an interview with a radio station the interviewer asked him what was different about the church, and he responded with a question he said if Moses was here on earth would you like to hear what he has to say. The inverviewer responded of course everyone would want to hear. And later Elder Ballard explained that it's the same deal today; a prophet of God has been placed on the earth again. And he has the same power and athourity that Moses had. So I hope that we all listen to God's servent on earth today, when the Prophet speaks the Lord is talking. I hope everyone has an excellent week.
Love-Elder Webb

Monday, March 20, 2017

2nd Epistle

2nd Epistle of Saint Webb to the Calivlencians
1 And it came to pass that in the end of the 1st year of the reign of Elder Webb over the people of Aguascalientes the sun was attacking strongly and the amount of sweat and amount of yellow garments doubled and Elder Webb said unto himself, behold I'm changing from child to man.
2 Yea and Elder Webb said unto the people of Calvillo, behold there's water what impedes ye from being baptized, for behold he that cometh unto the waters of baptism shall be full, and he that endureth to the end shall be found spotless in the last day.
3 Wherefore come unto Christ and be perfected in him, oh beautiful people how have ye let Satan enter into your houses, how could ye let him take hold of your lives? Oh Calvillo, Calvillo, how many times did I want to gather you like the chicken who gathers her chicklets?
4 And it came to pass that as Elder Webb was enjoying some Dorinachos, he thought unto himself, why does the Lord let the devil attack our poor investigators, why does everyone have problems?
5 Thus Elder Baquiax and Elder Webb went to work, filled with the Spirit of God, bursting with the power of God and the very powers of hell shook before them with such force, that brother Jaimes shirt burst from his chest during the lesson.
6 And thus in the month of April, milliones were baptized, and it came to pass that for lack of time there was no more space on the gold plates and Elder Webb concluded his second epistle for the Lord forbid him that he should reveal more marvelous things.
Love y'all  
Have a great week

Behold the tortilla burger

Monday, March 6, 2017


Hello y'all
This week was pretty intense lemme tell you. Hmm let me check what we did. I guess I'll give you the day by day, play by play. So on Monday were the exciting transfers. Elder Asencios and I parted ways after one short transfer together. Elder Asencios was another great companion, he'll be missed. So on Monday we headed on over to la central and there were about 40 missionaries in the bus station, I don't know what Presidente is doing but lately everyone has had transfers. Later at like 1 me and Elder Asencios (because Elder Asencios is training too) headed over to Jesus Maria and all the new missionaries showed up. Poor saps. I remember the first day in the mission... what a mess. This time there were like 6 Americanos and they had no idea what was going on. Luckily this time the ap's translated it. Then on Thursday it was the same deal and we headed back to Calvillo at like 6.
Then on Wednesday was the all exciting District Meeting, it was pretty good if I do say so myself, heh heh. Then on Thursday was the first day of Elder Baquiax. He's a great missionary. Elder Baquiax is from Guatemala like Elder Arroyo and Elder Castillo. Things have been going great. Usually the missionaries have a lot of problems and challenges their first week, but as of now, all is well.
Later on Friday we had a pretty cool experience. We were looking for an old investigator, Lucia, and when we arrived she was there waiting and had been praying so that the missionaries would visit her again, it was pretty cool. We'll see what happens. On Saturday we headed out to hilly billy town "San Tadeo" about 30 minutes from Calvillo because we have an investigator named Rogelio, who has been attending church. All in all, I'd say the week was pretty good. Welp, the time ran out again, but I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Lots of love-
Elder Webb

 Action shots with Elder Smith (from the CCM)

Friday, March 3, 2017


Howdy y'all-
This will be snappy, but you might be wondering why I'm writing y'all on Tuesday. We'll get to that. So this week was mas o menos. From Monday until Wednesday my companion was sick so we didn't do much.
Later on Friday we had the exciting meeting with President Nelson. I'm just gonna say it, it was a mess. When we showed up to the reunion President Piper and Elder Valenzuala entered and told us Presidnet Nelson's flight was delayed and that we should all pray so that he would make it, but he never showed up. It was kind of sad. The meeting was in Zacatecas (my old area) so after the meeting all of Aguascalientes headed back home, but on the way out the bus got stuck in the road. Literally the back of the bus was like 6 inches of the road, so we waited on the side of the road and after like 3 or 4 hours the bus got unstuck. But after the police wanted money for the damage that the bus did to the ground and later the bus company and everything. So we headed on over to the hotel where presidente was staying and he ordered another bus, and at that point it was 1 in the morning and everyone was dying of hunger, so presidente ordered food for the whole mission and we returned back in Aguas at like 4 in the morning and everyone in Aguas slept in the house of the ap's. and we returned back to Calvillo the next day at like 12. What a mess. but even without President Nelson the meeting was pretty good and I learned some new things.
Yesterday and today were pretty exciting as well. We did indeed have transfers. My new companion is from Guatemala, and he has 2 days in the mission. We had a traning sesh that last 2 days and now we are here in Calvillo, pretty exciting. I'm really excited to train a new missionary. I think it will be a great learning experience. I hope everyone has a terrific week
lots of love- Elder Webb

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

enfermo, boo

Hello y'all,

I feel like the letters have been pretty boring lately. Actually I feel like, in general, they're pretty boring... sorry to the poor soul that reads these every week. We would have been raising the dead and casting out demons and surviving Mexican gangster attacks and what not, but sadly I was sick the whole week so we didn't do much. I don't really know what happened, but 2 Sundays ago I felt super tired; all of my energy went on vacation, the next day was pday and I was feeling a little woozy so I spent the day resting. Then the next day I had a stomachache and a headache so we headed over to the doctor and told him that I had a stomach and headache and he told me that, I had a stomach and head infection. Oh wow, thanks for the analysis doc. Then he gave me some medicine, and on Thursday all the bad stuff left mi cuerpo and on Friday we were out working again... we'll see what happens this week. My companion told me that he felt bad in the morning, and has been resting to whole day.
But the good news is that on Saturday we had a baptism, boo yah. It was pretty awesome. Sister Sonia was baptized. She's a great lady that's had a lot of problems in her life but now thanks to the gospel everything is in order. She's the first member in her family, but here in a few weeks, her family should be baptized too. She's like a pioneer in her family. Thanks to her-many people are going to enjoy the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
This morning I woke up and realized that it's week 6, which means cambios this week. I cannot tell you how fast the time here has gone by, I was thinking it was week 2 but here we are finishing another transfer, It's hard to believe but in this next transfer I will complete 1 year in the mission, like zoinks, Scoobs.
Lets see, what else happened? Oh ya, on Friday we had a special meeting with presidente. It was pretty good. He showed this video of the omni project where one stake indexed 1 million names in 1 month, and then we put a goal to baptize 48 people in the month of March as a zone. Also next week President Nelson is coming to visit the mission.
This morning as I was cleaning the house I realized that the weekly cleaning is like participating in the sacrament. If we want to keep the house clean we have to clean if every week. I have to say there are some houses that are pretty nasty in the mission. If you clean it after 1 week, it's all good, 2 weeks and it's pretty gross, 3 weeks and it's super gross, 4 weeks and it's a complete disaster. While I was mopping the floor, I noted a few small spots and stains that weren't there the week before, and a few spots that hadn't been cleaned before and were difficult to remove. It's the same deal with the sacrament, everyweek we make mistakes. We sin and we start staining our body. If we don't "clean" these sins as soon as possible there a lot more difficult to remove from our lives. I know that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins, as we worthily participate in the sacrament every week we can keep our bodies clean and pure so that we can have the company of the Holy Ghost in our lives. I hope everyone has a great week.
Love- Elder Webb

Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Record

Things are pretty good here in Calvillo, I'm writing a little bit later because presidente came to interview one of our investigators, who passed and will be baptized this Saturday, boo yah.  As for the others, they'll be in March. Here in Calvillo according to me there are like 12 investigators that attend church, and usually like 6 show up.
The area is pretty big, and we do a lot of walking. Here in Mexico. if you didn't know, we're not allowed to knock doors for security never know who's gonna open the door. We find new people in the street, and since there no members that's pretty much all we do. I'm pretty sure I have about 10 ingrown toe nails. The mission destroys the feet.
This Sunday the branch set a new record 25 people attended, and 11 investigators came. I feel very blessed. In San Luis, we were always fighting for just one person to show up. Now if someone doesn't come, somethin' ain't right.
I hope you have a fantastic week.
Love- Elder Webb

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

la tierra magia

Sorry for the short letter; I got distracted by writing people from the ccm. In case you were wondering. everyone is doing good. Everyone was just commenting that it feels weird to have been out here for 10 months, and I have to agree. The time's gone by fast, and the time in Calvillo is flying by. A wise missionary gave me advice when I arrived in the mission "every transfer goes by faster" and it's true. A good anology would be my first transfer was like a Buick (not that there's anything wrong with a Buick) and now we are traveling at space shuttle speed.
Everythings going good here in Calvillo, this week we had interviews with Presidente and he said Calvillo is la tierra magia, and it's true too. We have 2 investigatores that are super awesome. Actually all of them are super awesome, but one named Sonia and her son Jonathan have a baptism planned for the 18 of February, boo yah. There's also Kevin and Titu for the 18th but they're a little more sketchy. On Friday we had the always exciting zone meeting. They gave us all the exciting deets about the new schedule, and today is the first day that were using it. So I'll let yall know how it goes. Pretty much its the same, only now p-day starts at 8 instead of 10 and we can choose when we want to study with our companions and when we want to study the language.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week-
Elder Webb

Elder Asencios in the flesh

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

10 Big'ns

This week was pretty intense. Let me think about what we did. Oh ya, so this week was pretty intense. I don't know how, but I was only in my area for like 3 days. I guess I'll give y'all the day by day, play by play.
Monday was another exciting p-day. The house here in Calvillo is new so it does need much cleaning. So while elder Asencios was taking a nap, I cleaned up his stuff, heh heh. Then we watched the movie about President Monson "On the Lord's Errand" which I've seen about 10 times, but it's still awesome. After that we went to check out all the fine eats here in Calvillo. Then we visited some people.
Tuesday was another exciting district meeting day. Everything went pretty good. The ap's didn't show up, so it was a little better. And after that, due to the long travel distance, from Cloinas to Calvillo and due to the fact that we had another meeting the following day, we had exchanges with the ap's. I headed out with the poderoso Elder Staley from the great city of Idaho Falls. He's a pretty great missionary.
Wednesday, we had the super exciting world wide broadcast with Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Elder Anderson, and a few other people. It was pretty exciting. They changed up the schedule a little bit, basically they gave the missionaries the flexibility to choose when they want to schedule. We still haven't put the new schedule in practice, but Presidente is going to give us a new schedule this coming Friday. They also changed the key indicators.
On Thursday and Friday, I had exchanges with the all mighty zone leader Elder Foster from the great city of Kanab, so I headed on over to their area in Trojes. It was pretty good; we had pretty good success and we also found this magic pizza place that was delicious.
On Saturday and Sunday I was back in Calvillo and we were able to go to work. All in all, this week was pretty busy, but also very good.
Last week I shared a thought about faith but at the end I said by our fruits we shall receive the everlasting fruit, and I dunno that's kind of not true. Everything is made possible thanks to Jesus Christ. He payed the price so we can be free, but he didn't eliminate our responsibility to repent and do the right thing, I'm very thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he is the way and by the power of his saving grace we may be saved, I hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Love Elder Webb <3

Monday, January 23, 2017


Imagine your back in West Virginia, but suddenly you're speaking Spanish, and everyone is Mexican. Welcome to Calvillo! Zacatecas was normalville, Españita was cholo landia, and here is hillbilly wonderland. Awesome! Everyone here has their little pick up and is wearing a cowboy hat at all times. A few of our investigatores went huntin' and we weren't able to teach them. Calvillo is like a little farm town that's 1 hour from Aguascalientes. So that means we are the only missionaries out here, and pretty much the only members too,.. its a branch and the branch president doesn't even live here, he lives in Aguascalientes. When I showed up my companion (who's been here for 2 transfers) said that there's 6 members. Apparently there like 8 or 9 but 3 don't go. This Sunday there were like 20 people, a bunch of investigators showed up, it was awesome! Ya so that's pretty much it, Elder Asencios my new companion is from Lima Peru. He was actually in my district in Zacatecas and if you might recall I had exchanges with him when he had 2 weeks in the mission, and I had like 4. Now we've gotten all big he has like 6 months and I have like 10, chin! He's a pretty good elder, and I'm happy that we're together. Yep, so there's all the juicy deets, I know there's a bunch of stuff missing, but, well, tough luck.
Anyways after I arrived here the next day we had the exciting district meeting. It was kind of mess and I didn't have any time to prepare anything, but the ap's helped me out and it all turned out fine. Tomorrow's round 2. Also this week we have an exciting meeting with the whole world, sources say that the Prophet and 12 Apostles are going to change the mission schedule and some other exciting deets. According to los chismosos they're going to change the daily planning from the night to the morning, and apparently they're going to change the study hour and stuff like that, but who knows. It should be pretty exciting.
This week I was thinking a little bit about faith and a little bit about the conversion process and I found this great scripture, "...and because of your diligence and your faith and your patience with the word in nourishing it, that it may take root in you, behold, by and by ye shall pluck the fruit thereof, which is most precious, which is sweet above all sweet, and which is white above all white, yea, and pure above all that is pure, and ye shall feast upon this fruit even until ye are filled, that ye hunger not, nither shall ye thirst" Alma 32:42, I like that it says by your diligence, patience, and faith, ye shall pluck the fruit thereof, that ye may be filled. The conversion is a process of a life time, and by our fruits, we shall receive the everlasting fruit. I hope everyone has a great week
Love Elder Webb

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hello friends,
This was a pretty action packed week. I'll probably forget all the deets, but I'll try my best. Let's see, so this week started out pretty normal. On Sunday one of the hermanas gave us a referencia, who is actually her brother, so we headed over on Monday to visit him. This guy is literally an investigator of gold. After the first lesson, he asked how long it takes for someone to get baptized. Nobody asks that, so we quickly set a baptismal date. On Wednesday we went back to visit him, and discovered that he's a detective, and runs around Mexico doing awesome kung fu stuff and saving the day. He showed us all of his weapons and what not that he uses, he whipped out his ak47 and a bunch of other stuff. Pretty much one of the best investigatores that I've met.
After that we were pretty much preparing michell for her baptism and confirmation, I ain't gonna lie, I was a little worried that it wasn't gonna happen. But happily this Saturday and Sunday everything went perfectly. One of my favorite parts of the mission is when people enter into the gate through baptism. There's always an awesome spirit, and I feel satisfied on my part. Yep so michell was baptized on Saturday by the bishop and later I did the confirmation. boo yah.
After that the whole mission exploded. Presidente went nuts with the transfers this cambio. Pretty much everyone in my old district had transfers. Both me and my companion got changed from our area. My companion got transfered with Elder Pazmino (another elder from my district) to Tobasco, and I got transferred to an area called Calvillo in Aguascalientes. Ya, so now in my district it's the AP's, the Sister Training leaders, my old companion Elder hernandez and Elder Pazmino, my new companion, Elder Ascencios (who was in my district in Zacatecas) and the lowly district leader of this mess Elder Webb. The area is pretty cool, I've been here for like 3 hours but it seems like it's going to be great. It's in Aguascalientes and it's like an hour from the city. It's a little town with a lot of Catholics that will soon be Mormons.
Anyway, so thats all the exciting news, I hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Love- Elder Webb
Oh ya, Michell is the sister of Jesus, the recente convert, and there's the Bishop

Everyone but Elder Saquic got the boot
La Hermena Rocio, Elder Hernandez, Jesus, Michell, mystery baby, yours truly

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


1 And it came to pass that in the last month of the 8th year of the reign of Obama, Elder Webb decided to write a letter like his fellow missionary in Gringolandia.
2 Verily verily I say unto thee, that this week was fairly normal, with the end of New Years and all the boozebusters, things turned back to normal.
3 Thus Elder Webb and Elder Hernandez were able to find all their investigators and invite them to repent after their sinful actions.
4 And thus we see that because of their grand success during the week, their future prospect for baptism, Michell came to church. But behold I say unto you it was not easy, but after 7 nights of gospel related games, she did indeed accept a baptismal date for the 14th of January.
5 And it came to pass that Elder Webb said "Boo yah"
6 But Behold I say unto you that Elder Webb is a little nervous about the baptism, due to future transfers at the end of this week, and all the sketchy things that happen in the mission.
7 But nevertheless, "be not afraid for on the morrow the Lord shall give the aid" said Elder Webb in his head.
8 And it came to pass that the last Friday, the Benito Juarez zone had their very exciting zone meeting, thus Elder Webb recieved 2 packages from Grandma Webb and the Gwynn's
9 And it came to pass that Elder Webb said: Gracias, muchas gracias.
10 And afterwards a declaracion was spread throughout all the land, here ye, here ye, y'all are invited to play soccer, Monday at 10, and thus Elder Webb came with great haste delivering a brutal loss to Elder Moguel and his lowly district, heh heh heh.
11 And now I would exhort you with all the energy of my heart, to serve the Lord with all your hearts, might, mind and strength, that ye may be lifted up in the last days.
12 And thus, Elder Webb was rebuked by the Lord for sharing part of the sealed portion from the gold plates with his friends and family.  Wherefore I conclude my epistle unto y'all, behold I am Elder Webb son of Layne and Brenda. Amen.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Feliz Navidad and 2017

Zoinks, it's already 2017. When the 7 turns to an 8 I'm gonna start getting worried. I remember back in the good old days in 2016 when a wee little old missionary Elder Webb was starting his mission service. Now he has 9 months and the sisters from his generation are half way through. I have to say the last year was pretty good...
And the last week too. The Mexicanos are kind of nuts when it comes the festivities. Lemme just tell you New Years eve was crazy. On the 31st of December, all the missionaries had to return home at 6, or have a member take them how at 9 if they were invited to a shin dig, Luckly for us the Hermana Rosa invited all the missionaries in our district over for a shin dig. It was pretty intense. Elder Garay (featured in last weeks letter(also known as big foot)) ate like 12 tacos, I had 4. Then after that we headed on home, and by that time all the cholos had shown up and all the fiestas were in full swing (perdon my English, that's probably not right but it sounded good to me)
I don't know about you but I like to start off the year right, so I headed to bed, at exactly 12. I'm pretty sure Mexico exploded, and the worst part is that there was a fiesta directly behind our house with the music cranked up all the way. They played music until 9am the next day. Needless to say I didn't sleep very good. The next day we headed to church and it was a mess. There was a ton of garbage in the streets, garbage everywhere in the whole area, drunk dudes everywhere, and a bunch of people that started the year off the wrong way. At church 2 investigators showed up-Jesus who has 18 years and is fighting with a drug addiction and his wife (and their baby). We are fighting for a baptism for the last day of the transfer the 14th with Michell.
I hope everyone has a great week, and that everyone has a wonderful new year. I know that if we follow the gospel, repent of our sins, and do the things that we know we should, we'll have a great year.
Love Elder Webb