Tuesday, February 21, 2017

enfermo, boo

Hello y'all,

I feel like the letters have been pretty boring lately. Actually I feel like, in general, they're pretty boring... sorry to the poor soul that reads these every week. We would have been raising the dead and casting out demons and surviving Mexican gangster attacks and what not, but sadly I was sick the whole week so we didn't do much. I don't really know what happened, but 2 Sundays ago I felt super tired; all of my energy went on vacation, the next day was pday and I was feeling a little woozy so I spent the day resting. Then the next day I had a stomachache and a headache so we headed over to the doctor and told him that I had a stomach and headache and he told me that, I had a stomach and head infection. Oh wow, thanks for the analysis doc. Then he gave me some medicine, and on Thursday all the bad stuff left mi cuerpo and on Friday we were out working again... we'll see what happens this week. My companion told me that he felt bad in the morning, and has been resting to whole day.
But the good news is that on Saturday we had a baptism, boo yah. It was pretty awesome. Sister Sonia was baptized. She's a great lady that's had a lot of problems in her life but now thanks to the gospel everything is in order. She's the first member in her family, but here in a few weeks, her family should be baptized too. She's like a pioneer in her family. Thanks to her-many people are going to enjoy the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
This morning I woke up and realized that it's week 6, which means cambios this week. I cannot tell you how fast the time here has gone by, I was thinking it was week 2 but here we are finishing another transfer, It's hard to believe but in this next transfer I will complete 1 year in the mission, like zoinks, Scoobs.
Lets see, what else happened? Oh ya, on Friday we had a special meeting with presidente. It was pretty good. He showed this video of the omni project where one stake indexed 1 million names in 1 month, and then we put a goal to baptize 48 people in the month of March as a zone. Also next week President Nelson is coming to visit the mission.
This morning as I was cleaning the house I realized that the weekly cleaning is like participating in the sacrament. If we want to keep the house clean we have to clean if every week. I have to say there are some houses that are pretty nasty in the mission. If you clean it after 1 week, it's all good, 2 weeks and it's pretty gross, 3 weeks and it's super gross, 4 weeks and it's a complete disaster. While I was mopping the floor, I noted a few small spots and stains that weren't there the week before, and a few spots that hadn't been cleaned before and were difficult to remove. It's the same deal with the sacrament, everyweek we make mistakes. We sin and we start staining our body. If we don't "clean" these sins as soon as possible there a lot more difficult to remove from our lives. I know that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins, as we worthily participate in the sacrament every week we can keep our bodies clean and pure so that we can have the company of the Holy Ghost in our lives. I hope everyone has a great week.
Love- Elder Webb

Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Record

Things are pretty good here in Calvillo, I'm writing a little bit later because presidente came to interview one of our investigators, who passed and will be baptized this Saturday, boo yah.  As for the others, they'll be in March. Here in Calvillo according to me there are like 12 investigators that attend church, and usually like 6 show up.
The area is pretty big, and we do a lot of walking. Here in Mexico. if you didn't know, we're not allowed to knock doors for security reasons...you never know who's gonna open the door. We find new people in the street, and since there no members that's pretty much all we do. I'm pretty sure I have about 10 ingrown toe nails. The mission destroys the feet.
This Sunday the branch set a new record 25 people attended, and 11 investigators came. I feel very blessed. In San Luis, we were always fighting for just one person to show up. Now if someone doesn't come, somethin' ain't right.
I hope you have a fantastic week.
Love- Elder Webb

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

la tierra magia

Sorry for the short letter; I got distracted by writing people from the ccm. In case you were wondering. everyone is doing good. Everyone was just commenting that it feels weird to have been out here for 10 months, and I have to agree. The time's gone by fast, and the time in Calvillo is flying by. A wise missionary gave me advice when I arrived in the mission "every transfer goes by faster" and it's true. A good anology would be my first transfer was like a Buick (not that there's anything wrong with a Buick) and now we are traveling at space shuttle speed.
Everythings going good here in Calvillo, this week we had interviews with Presidente and he said Calvillo is la tierra magia, and it's true too. We have 2 investigatores that are super awesome. Actually all of them are super awesome, but one named Sonia and her son Jonathan have a baptism planned for the 18 of February, boo yah. There's also Kevin and Titu for the 18th but they're a little more sketchy. On Friday we had the always exciting zone meeting. They gave us all the exciting deets about the new schedule, and today is the first day that were using it. So I'll let yall know how it goes. Pretty much its the same, only now p-day starts at 8 instead of 10 and we can choose when we want to study with our companions and when we want to study the language.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week-
Elder Webb

Elder Asencios in the flesh