Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stake Conference

Howdy y'all-
This week was pretty exciting. Let's see what did we do... I think the high light from this week was the Stake Conference. The 70 came to visit and told us that years ago he served in Zacatecas in the Guadalupe ward, rut roh. I always like the conferences, because even here in Zacatecas where the church isn't organized very good, and where there's a lot of new converts, you can always feel the spirit, and it's another testimony that the leaders of the church are called by revelation and are inspired by God. You know if you think about all the leaders from Christ's church when he was on the earth, all of the original 12 apĆ³stoles were recent converts that had less than 3 years as members. It must have been a mess in those Stake Conferences, but the Lord calls and prepares, and magnifies his leaders.
I really liked one talk that talked about our faith. The hermana shared that her 5 year old always prayed when he lost something and he always found it right after his prayer. She said her other daughter one time lost a pair of shoes in a huge city, but she said her prayer so she could find her shoe, and while she was praying her mom said a prayer that her daughter wouldn't lose her faith if they didn't find the shoe. But right after the prayer they found the shoe. I think a lot of the time we doubt the Lord in the little things and we second guess what's going to happen. We should always trust in the will and plan of God, that in his own time and in his own way our prayers will always be answered.
We also had interviews with presidente. Presidente's wife "interviewed" me instead of Presidente about my study journal, and I ain't gonna lie it was pretty weird. Today was an exciting P-day we ate Little Ceasars in a park, niiice. Welp I hope everyone has a fantastic week. The last time I sent a picture the computer deleted all my pictures from May so i'm gonna hold off with the action shots for a bit,
Elder Webb

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