Monday, July 24, 2017

Welp, I hope y'all like the photos last week

Welp I hope y'all like the photos last week, because this week there won't be any. Now I have time to write but I forgot my camera at home, whoops. Anywho lets see what happened. I feel like in these last few months I've been stuck in the middle of the thunder storm. Everything just hasn't worked, but in these last few weeks I feel like the sunshine is coming out again. That's the good news, after every storm the sun always comes out. All the people that we've been visiting are starting to progress, all the menos activos that we've been teaching have come out of the woodworks too and are coming to church.
This week we found this family of less actives that hadn't come to church and haven't had any contact with the church in more then 6 years. So we invited them to the church thinking that in maybe in another 6 years they would come, but they came. I felt like the Grinch: they came, they came without presents, they came without tinsel.. haha. Later we learned that their son has never been baptized. After church we went to visit them and we asked the son what he liked about church and he said he liked the talk about covenants and that he wanted to get baptized. We're hoping for the 12 of Agosto but we'll see what happens. Also this day I had been fasting so that we could find someone who wanted to receive the gospel in their lives.
Let's see what else, my companion is a great guy, he's has a lot of charity. At night when I'm hungry, I'm just sitting there and the a few tacos magically pop in front of my mouth. I don't remember if I've already said this but he has been out here for 6 months, and I'm his third companion. I kinda like being with new missionaries. I feel like I've been able to help my last few companions become better people and better missionaries. This week I also had exchanges with Elder Smith from the ccm. It was good to see him and catch up on all the exciting stuff that's happened in the mission. It's was weird to think the 16 months later we would have exchanges.Welp I hope everyone is having a great summer. In all the hustle and bustle don't forget the Lord.
Love Elder Webb

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