Monday, March 20, 2017

2nd Epistle

2nd Epistle of Saint Webb to the Calivlencians
1 And it came to pass that in the end of the 1st year of the reign of Elder Webb over the people of Aguascalientes the sun was attacking strongly and the amount of sweat and amount of yellow garments doubled and Elder Webb said unto himself, behold I'm changing from child to man.
2 Yea and Elder Webb said unto the people of Calvillo, behold there's water what impedes ye from being baptized, for behold he that cometh unto the waters of baptism shall be full, and he that endureth to the end shall be found spotless in the last day.
3 Wherefore come unto Christ and be perfected in him, oh beautiful people how have ye let Satan enter into your houses, how could ye let him take hold of your lives? Oh Calvillo, Calvillo, how many times did I want to gather you like the chicken who gathers her chicklets?
4 And it came to pass that as Elder Webb was enjoying some Dorinachos, he thought unto himself, why does the Lord let the devil attack our poor investigators, why does everyone have problems?
5 Thus Elder Baquiax and Elder Webb went to work, filled with the Spirit of God, bursting with the power of God and the very powers of hell shook before them with such force, that brother Jaimes shirt burst from his chest during the lesson.
6 And thus in the month of April, milliones were baptized, and it came to pass that for lack of time there was no more space on the gold plates and Elder Webb concluded his second epistle for the Lord forbid him that he should reveal more marvelous things.
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