Monday, May 22, 2017

De Calvillo a Guadalupe

Howdy y'all
This week's pretty exciting. Today were the much awaited transfers. I am now in Guadalupe 2 in Zacatecas. It's weird- it's about 10 minutes from my first area, Zacatecas 2. And my new companion is Elder Villegas from Mexico City. And lemme tell you it's so good to be back in the city, and it's sooo good to be back in a ward. I haven't met any of the members of anything but it just feels good. We went to the grocery store and there were more the 5 isles, it was amazing. It seems like a great place, and I'm ready to work hard here. I really learned a lot in Calvillo, being in a little branch with a lot of needs really helped me to gain more confidence and work better. I'm going to miss the people in Calvillo there are a lot of great members (9) and investigatores. Elder Baquiax was a little sad in the morning, but he's gonna be able to lead the area with power and authority now.
Aw man the picture thingy doesn't work and I don't have a lot of time. Welp I hope everyone has a great week
love Elder Webb

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