Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No hay descanso por los inicuos

Welp, another great week here in Calvillo. The only bad part was on Monday when we went to cut our hair. The lady totally butchered everything, but I have faith that my hair will grow back.
Here in Mexico I've been learning all kinds of Mexican cuisine to cook for y'all here in a few years. This week I learned a delish tortilla dish, with salsa, yum. Everything's pretty much the same here, tortillas, a lil bean, a lil rice, a lil salsa, delish. I don't know what the deal is here in Calvillo, but the food here makes me sick. Luckily I've been on the mend, and this was my first week here without any special trips to the bathroom. so that's always a good sign.
This week was la semana santa here in Mexico. Their Easter celebration is the whole week. It starts 2 Sundays ago and ended this Sunday. Sunday, Saturday, and Friday are especially big days. Here in Calvillo there was a reenactment of the death of Jesucristo, a carooke competition, misa (mass), a shin dig in the town square. Although we didn't go to any of this it sounded pretty exciting, but it was another reminder to me of how quick the children of man are to forget the Lord their God. Every booz buster came out of the woodwork this week and it was a mess. It's weird how the devil takes something so special like the resurrection and life of Jesus Christ and turns it into a sin fest.
With all this mess everyone was also on what would be their spring break, so as far as investigatores, all of em bounced out. Last week, the Church was pretty barren, and I had the same fears this week, that nobody was going to show up. I remember before we left to go to church I said a pray asking for "una buena asistencia" or good attendance, and I prayed specifically that at least 2 investigadores could show up. When we got there of course no one was there, about 15 people showed up when they meeting started and only one investigator, and I felt a little disapointed. So I said another prayer or 3, and after the Sacrament about 10 more people showed up and a few more investigatores. 26 people came which is the record here in Calvillo. It was an answer to my prayers and another testimony that the Lord really does care. Then after that I gave an awesome talk about la Santa Cena. I feel blessed to be here and thanks y'all for you prayers, I hope everyone has an magnificent week.
Lots of Love-
Elder Webb
The chosen district (the ap's are missing and 2 extra sisters that got the boot from their district are there too, only 2 Americanos, puro poder)

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