Monday, April 24, 2017

Ya es Navidad

Happy Christmas y'all. The other day we headed on over to the local pharmacy to pay the electric bill. We entered from the 320 degree weather and it was as cool as the pool in the pharmacy, and a lovely Mexican rendition of Jingle Bells was playing. I thought Santy Claus was going to show up but I'm pretty sure he got delayed. Man it's been so hot lately, I'm pretty sure every time we go out my arm hairs start sizziling.
Anywho this was a pretty good week. El poderoso Elder Baquiax (bah-key-aggh) had a birthday this week; he turned 19. And luckily on Saturday we had an exciting activity in the branch. It was for kids day er something like that. There was a piñata but only like 3 kids showed up, so we ate the cake instead for Elder Baquiax's birthday. And we're gonna save the piñata for the Mothers day activity hehe. Speaking of Mothers day, we have a phone call coming up ooh. They haven't told us anything yet, but it should be here in 2 er 3 weeks.
Anywho back to what I was on Friday we found Brother Jaime a less active member all bummed out because he was broke, and out of gas (or so he thought) and he had to move some stuff from his brothe'rs house, so we helped him push his car for about a mile, and he realized that he still had gas but his battery was dead. So we flagged some dude down to help us jump his car, and then we helped brother Jamie to move all his garbage er stuff from his brothers house. Pretty much it was a mess, but I learned an important lesson, Brother Jamie just wanted one peso so he could buy himself a taco and some gas. He had completely forgotten the Lord, and was only looking for the worldly solution. He had put his trust in the arm of man instead of the power of God, and is still stuck in the same situation. How many times do we look for a quick fix or a short cut to solve a short term problem that at the end of the day won't matter? Brother Jamie was moving all of his stuff because his brother came to town and he thought he was going to steal his stuff. When we finished tying all his garbage to his van, his son came and said "why are you doing all this...your brother already left." So the moral of the story is that the Lord is always looking after us. He has a better plan prepared, and we just need to wait a little bit, and follow the will of the Lord, I hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Love Elder Webb
Aw man I forgot to take some action shots this week. Next week, next week.

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