Monday, March 6, 2017


Hello y'all
This week was pretty intense lemme tell you. Hmm let me check what we did. I guess I'll give you the day by day, play by play. So on Monday were the exciting transfers. Elder Asencios and I parted ways after one short transfer together. Elder Asencios was another great companion, he'll be missed. So on Monday we headed on over to la central and there were about 40 missionaries in the bus station, I don't know what Presidente is doing but lately everyone has had transfers. Later at like 1 me and Elder Asencios (because Elder Asencios is training too) headed over to Jesus Maria and all the new missionaries showed up. Poor saps. I remember the first day in the mission... what a mess. This time there were like 6 Americanos and they had no idea what was going on. Luckily this time the ap's translated it. Then on Thursday it was the same deal and we headed back to Calvillo at like 6.
Then on Wednesday was the all exciting District Meeting, it was pretty good if I do say so myself, heh heh. Then on Thursday was the first day of Elder Baquiax. He's a great missionary. Elder Baquiax is from Guatemala like Elder Arroyo and Elder Castillo. Things have been going great. Usually the missionaries have a lot of problems and challenges their first week, but as of now, all is well.
Later on Friday we had a pretty cool experience. We were looking for an old investigator, Lucia, and when we arrived she was there waiting and had been praying so that the missionaries would visit her again, it was pretty cool. We'll see what happens. On Saturday we headed out to hilly billy town "San Tadeo" about 30 minutes from Calvillo because we have an investigator named Rogelio, who has been attending church. All in all, I'd say the week was pretty good. Welp, the time ran out again, but I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Lots of love-
Elder Webb

 Action shots with Elder Smith (from the CCM)

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