Tuesday, November 14, 2017

...it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Howdy Pardners,
This has been another exciting week in the best mission of all time, Aguascalientes! Now that all this Halloween and Dia de los Muertos business is over, it's time to bust out the Christmas decorations. We've got Santa wonderland here and there's an exciting shindig here in Pabellon too. According to me it's like Alpine days, but in Pabellon. Pabellon Days. Yesterday there was a parade in front of our house until like 11 o'clock. It was pretty intense.
In case you were wondering, Pabellon is just like Calvillo, it's a country boy wonder land. Mission Mexico-West Virginia!.. er I mean Aguascalientes. But what's different here in Pabellon is we also have to visit other ranchos like San Pancho and Rincon, and the Goma in our area. Everyday we have to take the community van for about 30 minutes to get to the other rancho.
How's the branch? Oh well. sadly, the branch has seen better days, the normal assistence(attendance) is like 20-25 people. In Calvillo it was the same, but the difference was that in Calvillo there were only 10 members that lived in the area. Here there's like 100, so there's a lot of work to do. The other good thing about the branch is that it's the branch/ward in my mission that has the longest amount of time without baptizing. There haven't been any baptisms here in more than 18 months. It's a long picking time. But hopefully that's about to change. We don't really have any investigatores bien potentes right now, but tomorrow we are going to put up a stand in Pabellon days, and we are going to give out lemonade and cookies, and Book of Mormons and all that fun stuff. So pretty much after that, all of Pabellon is going to want to be baptized.
My companion is super awesome too. He's probably one of the nicest companions I've ever had. He's like a giant teddy bear, and he invites me to eat free food at night, so who can complain.
Have a super awesome week, Happy Christmas!
Love- Elder Webb

Yep, both haircuts were done by yours truly.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maybe this will be my last area

Welp, another exciting week has already flown by. I don't have a lot of time so I'll get right to the juicy deets. As you may know this last week was week 6 which means, cambios! I was convinced that I was going to die in Popular, but the Lord had other plans. I am currently writing y'all from the great state of Aguascalientes, in a pueblito called Pabellon, with the all powerful Elder Rosell, who has like 16 months er something like that. According to me Pabellon is like Calvillo but it's a little bit bigger. I haven't really got a chance to check out the whole dealy-o, but it seems like a great area. I'm pretty sure there aren't too many investigatores, but we can fix that.
It's always good to be in a new area and to get a fresh new start. I feel blessed to have been in Popular too, and I feel like I left the area in good shape. If everything goes well. they'll have a baptism this week, 2 next week, and 1 the week after. Boo yah. Anyways have a great week, and choose the right.
Love- Elder Webb

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

19 Months Poem

19 months have just flown by,
They're all worn out, my shirt and tie,

My garments aren't white,
It's quite a fright,

Tacos and beans all the day long,
My digestive system says "that's just wrong",

Beans are indeed the magical fruit,
And I can promise you, they'll make you toot,


My body's so tired,
That I could take a snooze for a long while,

My teeth are starting to turn yellow,
And I'm thinking my friends now don't want to say hello,

But the good news is, that I've come to love,
My Father in the Heaven's above,

I have indeed learned a lot,
and I've also elevated my plane of thought,

My testimony's strong, I know it's true,
The Savior paid the price for me and you,

The sweetest experience that I know,
Is following the Spirit, who shows us the way to go.

Anywho, this week was pretty good, we had exchanges 2 times this week so that was pretty intense, and we also had a baptism.Little Miguelito got baptized this Saturday. As usual everything was a complete mess before the baptism, stinking satanĂ¡s. On Saturday before the baptism we showed up with Miguel to do his baptismal interview, but his mom told us she had to work that day, at 5, the same time that the baptism was going to start, and that we would have to postpone it for another day. But the Spirit of the Lord inspired us to ask her if we could do it earlier, so we changed the time, and had to inform the whole ward and fill up the font super quick, and everything was a super mess. I had to slap together a quick talk because the other dude bailed out, but as usual the actual ordnance was such a sweet experience. Miguel only is 9 years old, but it was another testimony to me the Christ does indeed love children, and the baptism is necessary for everyone.
Have a great week, happy Halloween, and day of the dead!
 Elder Webb

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hello yall,
This was another great week in the mission. There's not too many weeks left so I've got to make the best of em. We've been working pretty well here. Like I said when I showed up there was nothing here, nada. But the good news is that yesterday 4 new investigadores came to church, and if everything goes well we'll hopefully have a bautism this Saturday. I feel that the Lord has blessed me greatly in these last few months in Guadalupe and now here in popular. But success hasn't come at a cheap price, it's been hard work everyday, strict obedience to God's commandments and to the mission rules, and constant re-evalution. Every time I think I've done all that I can and I push forward just a little bit more, that's when the blessings come. I think far too often we fall or get stuck in our comfort zone, it's easy to not improve, and anyone can do it. But I've learned becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ is hard and often uncomfortable, but it's a lot more rewarding. Our best self can always be better. I hope everyone has a great week, I love you all very much.
Love-Elder Webb
Intercambios with Elder Duran

Welp, I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish again

Holy Crioles

Welp, another exciting week in the mission has already passed by, zoinks! This week was actually pretty busy. When Presidente comes to town the week is always busy. This week we had our, always exciting, interviews. Usually Presidente teaches us something about the daily planner, or preach my gospel or something like that, but this time he gathered the whole zone together, and told us that if we needed to confess something now was the time to do it, and then he said he wasn't going to send anyone home. I'm pretty sure like half the mission came out crying. But ya, those were pretty good.
We also had exchanges this week, I stayed here with Elder Duran from Fresnos, and my companion went with Elder Hernandez. I always enjoy a good old exchange. It's nice to be with a different missionary and to be able to learn from them and see what things they're doing. We also went out for tacos afterwards but thanks to the evil one, everyone got sick and my companion was dying in his bed for about a day. After that we had an exciting leadership meeting. And after that there was a multizone leadership meeting by president, but pretty much the sister training leaders just ended up talking a bunch, and Presidente hardly got the chance to talk, oh brother.  Nah just kidding, I'm sure it was inspired and was what we needed. Today for P-day the sister training leaders wanted to play basketball, so we played basketball, and you'll be happy to know that all of my basketball skills have gone out the window. It was a sad sight seen by all.
So this week I've been thinking of a phrase that I heard from I don't know where. "It's better to offend man than to offend God" I think we could avoid a bunch of dumb mistakes if we remember that. Especially in the mission, I've noticed that a bunch of missionaries are afraid to "tell on their companions" or to say no, because they're more worried about what their companion is going to say or think than what the Lord thinks. And I think a lot of the time we get worried about living the gospel or trying to share it with others because we are worried about what the other people will think. If we could put off the natural man, and stop thinking about ourselves and about what other people think, and instead start to think about what God thinks, I think it would be a lot easier to have a clear perspective about life and to make good decisions. So I hope we can remember that and have a great week!
Love elder webb
Ah man I forgot my camera again

Monday, October 9, 2017

Puro trabajo

Howdy amigos,
This week was pretty good, actually this week was 100% work, which has been great. This week we had a few youth who are preparing to go on mission accompany us, and also a few return missionaries. It was funny to see the difference between the two. Those who were preparing to go on a mission were super nervous in the lessons and didn't know what to share, and the return missionaries were cool and confident, full of the Spirit. It reminded me of when I was preparing to go on a mission, I wish I would have learned more things, and spent more time serving others and sharing the gospel. Serving a mission is tough stuff, but it's also an incredible learning experience.
Anyway, we spent most of the week searching for new people to teach, and we were able to find a lot of interesting people. On Tuesday I think, we found and went to visit a man named Fransisco who had listened to the missionaries more than 10 years ago. He told us that he had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and that he knew that it was true, but because of his work he never got the chance to be baptized, and he didn't understand what it truly meant to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Later in the week we found another family who had learned a little about the church and the Book of Mormon. They told us that they are Catholics forever, and are never going to change their religion. We also focused on the Book of Mormon and they told us they never read it to know if it is true.
I was thinking in our own lives and in the lives of everyone, it's so important to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. If someone has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and if they really know what it means to have a testimony, then they know which way to go. I really liked the talks in general conference about President Monson's talk about the Book of Mormon, and was impressed to see our leaders going above and beyond with this challenge. I've tried to read the Book of Mormon every day in my mission, and I've seen great blessing as I've read it. I was reading my mission setting apart blessing, and in the blessing it says that I'll be blessed with a great love for the Book of Mormon, and it's true, I do indeed love the Book of Mormon, and I know that we receive great strength and knowledge as we read it everyday. I testify that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored, Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of God, he restored all the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and God's priesthood authority that we need to be able to return to live with God, and by that same authority he translated the Book of Mormon. I know that President Monson is God's chosen prophet today and that he guides the church under the direction of Jesus Christ. I promise that if we live the Gospel and keep the commandments we will find great joy in this life, and we will return to live with out Heavenly Father, and receive all of his promised blessings. In the name of Jesus Christ. amen

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Welp there's not much time,.. sorry for not writing y'all personally, but I just wanted to let you all know that we had a pretty good first week here in San Luis. I think Presidente has been sending me to areas to fix them, there are pretty much no investigators here. But we were able to find a lot of new people that will hopefully progress, and the good new is that we'll probably have a baptism in 2 weeks, woo hoo.
The members here are nice, the area's flat, nice weather, seems like a nice place. In other exciting news this week I had the opportunity to eat menudo for the first time, just imagine you're eating a nice piece of steak, but then you get to a big old piece of gristle, then you take that big old piece of gristle chop it up and put it in a red soup that tastes like lemons, then you eat it, wakala!
Let's see what else, oh the conference was super awesome, it was the first time that I watched all 5 actually 6, I saw the womens session too, in Spanish. I have to tell you, it just wasn't the same, I missed hearing the voices of our dear leaders. It was still spiritual and everything and I learned a lot, but it just wasn't the same. I dunno there's something different about Elder Holland calling you to repentance, than the voice of some who knows who.
Today for P-day we went bowling and you'll be happy to know that I won. Welp, I hope everyone has a great week
Lots of love-
Elder Webb