Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Last General Epistle of San Webb to the Alpiners

1 Elder Webb, a disciple of Jesus Christ, grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
2 Greetings
3 Wherefore my beloved bretheren, he that hath tasted Mexican candy, knoweth it's flavor, for it is bitter and sweet.
4 And thus tasteth the end of a mission, for it is bitter and sweet.
5 But mostly sweet.
6 For behold my beloved bretheren my heart swells full in the joy of Christ.
7 Verily, Verily, I say unto you, the mission is likened unto the young man and his new talent.
8 Now it came to pass that there was a young man who left far from home, yea, he was sent away because he had no talent.
9 And while he was in the midst of a strange people he learned many things and became well known for his knowledge and understanding
10 And it came to pass that the young man recieved a new talent and his joy was full.
11 And whenst the young man returned home he didst not hid his new talent or forget it, nay! He didst show it unto his family, yea, and his friends, yea, and all those around him.
12 And thus it is my beloved friends and bretheren. Wherefore he that hath recieved the gospel must live it, and share it with all those around him.
13 For what is it good if it doth not save us, nor those around us.
14 Wherefore lift up your heads and rejoice, yea, repent ye, repent ye, so that ye shall be made whole, for he that forsaketh his sins, the same shall be forgiven, he that trades sorrow for joy will certainly enter into the kingdom of God.

*Elder Webb is not responsible for any apostasy included by San Webb
W is for winner and Webb (bowling)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

T minus 2

Hello all,
This has been another good week. It was pretty average nothing too exciting happened. I've been trying to work hard to leave the area in good shape. This week we found a few new investigatores with a lot of potencial. This week we also had a few family home evenings with a few members and some new investigatores as well, so that was pretty good. One of the family home evenings was with sweet little Sister Ovalle. She's like the Grandma of the missionaries, and she had invited a bunch of people to come, but as usual almost no one showed up. But the next door neighbors, who are kids, came, and we taught them the plan of salvation and everything was great. And today Sister Ovalle told us that those kids have been coming over to he house to learn more about the church.
Sister Rebeca has not been progressing too much. She says she hasn't received an answer to know that the Book of Mormon is true, and this Sunday we were going to fast with her but she didn't make it out, so who knows what happened.
This week we had a funny experience with a less active. He shared with us the parable of the lost sheep and told us here in Pabellon it's the opposite. There's only one sheep in the fold and the 99 are lost, I couldn't help but laugh, then we sorely rebuked him and told him to get back on the old ship zion, haha just kidding.
Tomorrow is the all exciting "ultimo testimonio" in the zone conference, so I'd like to share my testimonio with you. It feels weird to almost be done, I can't believe or imagine that I'll be out in the real world, and that I won't be a full time missionary. But all of that doesn't really matter, because my name tag is written on my heart forever. The commitment to serve the Lord and his children is a commitment for my whole life. If you'd ask me what is the most important lesson I've learned here I would say that I've learned and come to know that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world, and that this is His church. I know it's true, for I have felt the confirmation from the Holy Ghost again and again. Every single doctrine and principle in this church is true, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God and sealed his life and testimony with his blood. I know the Lord loves me and has helped me to learn and grow, because he's put me in the best circumstances to have learning experiences and become a little bit more like his son Jesus Christ. And I always want Him to know that I love Him too, I always want Him to be able to count on me. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I ran out of titles like 20 months ago

Howdy amigos,
So I'm trying to remember anything significant that happened, but all I can remember is that it was another good week. Hmm, well this week we had divisions with the Elderes from El Encino. They were pretty good, this time I went with Elder Muñoz. Elder Muñoz goes home with me so it was like 2 zombies wandering around.
On Friday we had interviews with President. He asked me how the branch was going and so naturally I commented on the problems that the branch has had for a long time with leadership and the branch presidency. So Presidente talked with the Stake Presidente and now I have to train the Branch President on how he's supposed to do his job, what a mess! Presidente also told me that my last interview is going to be on the 8th of March, ooooh.
On Thursday we had a lesson with an investigator named Pedro and a member, who is Pedro's friend accompanied us. And so we started the lesson with power and authority, we were going to invite him to come to church because he hasn't made it out yet. But I don't know what happened but the question about why little children don't need to be baptized came out, and Pedro was like, "well, my mom baptized me when I was a baby, and I really think my mom always tried to do what's right." And so before we could even respond hos friend said, "I'd like to share a scripture", and he whipped out famous Moroni 8 where it says baptizing little children is an abomination, and I was just like nooooooo. So Brother Pedro got offended and told us he was going to talk with some priests of "confidence" to figure out the situation. What another mess!
On Valentine's day my companion and I went out for a cone while the rest of the world was in a smooch-a-thon. Ya but things are going pretty good here, things are wrapping up quick. So this week I'd like to invite everyone to find someone in need and help them. I hope you all have a great week.
Love Elder Webb

...ah man there will be no photos this week

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Howdy y'all,
Welp, another good week has passed by. Maybe it's a bad idea but I've started using a different tie for every day left in my mission. If you want to know how many ties I have so far, I've used 3. Other than that nothing has happened, haha just kidding. This week was pretty normal, we've kind of been working with the same people, and we have been looking for new investigatores, but nothing interesting has shown up yet.
Hermano Jose is doing good too, he's getting ready to receive the priesthood. Sister Rebeca is doing good too, but not much has happened. Oh so on Sunday we showed up, and at 10:05 (church "starts" at 10) The branch president was like, uh Elders could you help us out with a few talks for 15 minutes. So for 15 minutes my companion and I were winging it, but the good new is there's only like 30 people that attend, so it wasn't too bad. I've never been very good at winging it, I need my personal preparation everyday in the morning or things don't turn out as good.
Other than that everything's been the same. On Friday we went out for ice cream. The weather's pretty nice, time is flying by, the food's good, I can't complain really. Today for P-day we went to Aguas and I bought a bunch of souvenirs, heh heh. If anyone wants anything from Mexico, let me know.
Anyway, this week I've been studying a little bit about the restoration and especially about the prophet Joseph Smith, and all I can say is wow, he really was a prophet of God. I already knew that, but another confirmation from the Spirit doesn't hurt. The Prophet gave his whole life to the work of the Lord and sealed his testimony with his blood. How many of us would be willing to do that? When asked about his mission and ministry as the Prophet, he said he only wanted to do good unto all men. I'm trying to develop that form of thought in my life, and I would invite all to do the same. Have a great week.
Elder Webb
Happy Valentine's day too😍

Monday, February 5, 2018

Hmm... what should I put here?

...And it came to pass that on the day before yesterday Elder Webb and Elder Aquino started their fast, and 3 minutes later they already were hungry. But they were determined to endure to the end. But behold, on the morrow the sister that was supposed to give them eat, said: Behold I shall not give ye to eat today (and Elder Aquino intermediately shook the dust off his feet). And it came to pass that the Elders returned home without food in the spirit of fasting. But lo! Elder Webb saw something on the shelf... the bag of noodles that has been there since who knows when. And they did pour out their souls unto the Lord their God in giving thanks, and their stomachs were filled... well more or less.

Oh, howdy friends, this has been another exciting week. It passed by extra fast, but that's ok. Nothing extra special happened this week. We are still working with Sister Rebeca and if everything goes well, perhaps she'll be baptized this transfer. And we are looking for a lot of new people to teach, this week we found 10, so that was pretty good. What else? On Saturday, my companion got his patriarchal blessing. I thought they were going to give me the boot, but I got to hear it. In these past few weeks I've been studying my blessing long and hard, with the Spirit of prayer.

I have definitely felt weird. Pretty much everyone knows I'll soon be going home, so it's been constant pestering. But it's also been a good chance to think about my future plans. I just want to keep doing what's right. I hope to have the desire to continue doing good unto all men. I know the Lord loves me, and I always want Him to know that I love him. I hope everyone has a great week>

Elder Webb

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Rompimos la racha

Oh Pabellon, Pabellon, "great city which has fallen, how oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and have nourished you! Oh ye people of the house of Israel who have fallen, yea, Oh ye people that dwell in Pabellon, yea how oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens, and ye would not!"
Well another great week has passed by, when I opened my email there was an email from Presidente "week 1 of your last transfer" (Elder Webb wipes a tear away). Yep so I'm in my last transfer how exciting. Anyway, so this week was filled with all kind of action, on Tuesday was the always exciting meeting for new missionaries. We had to get up here in Pabellon at like 5 to arrive on time to the meeting that started at 8. But the good news is that hot cakes and eggs were provided, so it wasn't all in vain. So that was good, then on Wednesday was the district meeting, I have long since been released from my duties as district leader, and the district meetings are so much more enjoyable again.
Then the other days were all dedicated to the preparation for Jose's baptism, then on Saturday was the big day, I was worried that no one was going to show up, but then a less active family came and later the branch president showed up with his family, and the other missionaries that did the interview stayed too, so it was pretty well attended. Jose is a great guy, on Saturday my companion bautized him. It was his first time- how awesome! And on Sunday I was able to confirm him a member of the church. The power of God is always made manifest through the sacred ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has power to take away sin and make one clean again, what a blessing!
I would send more but this thing is dang slow.. I'll show the other photos to yall in 6 weeks
Love Elder Webb

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I never know what to put here

Welp, another week has come and gone. Of course, it was a great week. This week we had a lot more time to teach and preach, and the good news is that Jose's baptism will be this Saturday at noon. Hopefully Satan gets his grubby mits out of here and doesn't interfere with anything. About 21 months have passed by here in Pabellon without any baptisms.. pretty much my whole mission, so we are really hoping that everything goes well.
We also had the opportunity to see the transmission from the temple of the new Prophet and all that. I was impressed and felt the confirmation from the Holy Ghost that President Nelson and his counselors have been called by God. It's nice to know that we have inspired leaders to guide and direct us in these difficult times. Aw man the internet connection dropped and this is all that got saved.
Hmm but that pretty much sums it up. Other than that this week has been pretty normal. Elder Aquino is doing great. He's doing a good job of reminding me how much time I have left as a missionary. I'm doing great too, I feel very blessed, my health is great, my Spirit's going strong, and everything is just fantastic. Welp, I hope everyone has a great week.
Love Elder Webb
I would put some pictures here, but this place looks pretty sketchy, so until next week...