Sunday, April 9, 2017

Like zoinks scoobs lets bust out of here

Well, I was going to write an awesome letter about all the exciting stuff and things I've learned this first year out here in Mexico but the we got back late and now there's no time. Right now we are in Aguas with the zone leaders and the assistentes (that's spelled wrong). We went to Costco for the food for the month.
Ya but anyways things are going good here, This week we didn't do much because Tuesday was the district meeting (boo yah). Wednesday and Thursday, there was a special meeting with Presidente and Saturday and Sunday was the General conference, so we were only in Calvillo for like 2 days. I really liked the general conference (I need to read the talks again because I learned so much that I already forgot everything) I liked a talk from Elder Utchdorf (I think) that talked about a lot of things, but he said that when the Lord calls us he magnifies us in our callings. I feel that has been especially true with me in this last year, I remember when I showed up, a little zit infested kid, with no social skills, little to no knowledge, and perhaps less prepared then he thought he was. There have been many instances when I've felt that the solution through my abilities was impossible, and it was. The Lord knows everything and has the solution to everything. I've learned how to trust in the Lord and how to try to follow his will, and it ain't easy. The only ways to have success in the Lord's work is with the Lord's help.
I feel very grateful for the things I've learned. The testimony we recieve like Moroni teaches in Ether always comes after the trial of our faith. The Lord never lets us down, he always keeps his promises. When we don't recieve a blessing from the Lord it's because we didn't do out part. Welp have a great week, I'd invite y'all to share the gospel in whatever form possible.
love Elder Webb

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