Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Howdy Y'all

Howdy y'all
Welp, this was a pretty good week here in México. The whole week me, Elder Hernandez and Elder Castillo were in a threesome, I dunno I thought it would be kind of fun to be in a trio, which it was, but it was also a lot of work. We worked in both areas for the week visited all the investigators of the almight Elder castillo and what not. Elder Castillo is a pretty good missionary. He and I are from the same generacion of missionaries except he has 7 months and I have 6 because of the time in the CCM, I don't really understand that but we will depart the mission at the same time. But he's a great guy from the great country of Guatemala.
I don't have too much time, but that was pretty much what happened this week. Today we have transfers, nothing changed except that we're not in a trio any more. But we have a meeting with President this week on Wednesday, and supposedly there are supposed to be a lot of changes after that, but who knows.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week, don't forget to read your scriptures and say your prayers this week.
Elder Webb

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Welp another exciting week here in the mission, I guess I'll start backwards.
Today was another exciting P-day, nah that's not true. I have to admit, P-Days are pretty boring. In the morning we headed over to the casa of the almighty Elder Castillo to wash our clothes for about 5 hours, then we headed over to Hermano Nacho's house for some grub, yep his name is Nacho, and now I'm here.

Yesterday, Sunday was pretty good too, Jesus received the Priesthood, and a new investigator Maricruz showed up. After church we went on exchanges with the members for the first time, it was pretty exciting, I went with hermano miguel, we dedicated a house and visited some people. It was fun, plus he had a mazda 3 so I gave him the low down on all the sweet upgrades he could do, well not really.

On Saturday Jesus came with us to do some visits. It was pretty cool, he has a pretty strong testimony for being a member for a week. We were talking with these atheists (that's spelled wrong) and he was like , Ay I used to be atheist, but now I believe in God, say a prayer and he'll show himself to you. It was pretty cool.

On Friday we had another exciting zone meeting, it was pretty good. After that we got put in a threesome, me, Elder Hernandez, and Elder Castillo, because an elder had to return home, but we have transfers this next week, so I'm think we'll be in a trió until then, for like a week. It's pretty weird to be in a threesome, especially since we have to work in our area and Elder Castillo's area, but it's fun too.

Anyways a quick thought, I was thinking about all the wickedness that always happens in the Book of Mormon, and I realized that all this stuff happens because the people weren't firm in the faith of Christ. Our foundation should be Jesus Christ, if we are truly firmly planted and founded upon Christ we will be able to withstand and and overcome anything that may happen to us.

Welp have a great week, too da loo
Elder Webb

Monday, October 10, 2016


Well another great week here in Españita in San Luis Potosí Mission México aguascalientes. I don't know why are area is called Españita. The city isn't called Españita and there aren't any roads called Españita... there ain't nothin, Oh well.
Anywho, I guess I'll just skip to Friday because the other days were kind of boring and I don't remember much. On Friday was our exciting reunion de los paquetes or the zone meeting. Sadly no packages showed up but I did receive a letter from Sarah Tyree, Gracias Sarah. Anyways I'm noticed that ever since Presidente Hernandez showed up the quality of the zone meetings has improved drastically. I really like Presidente Hernandez. The truth is I've pretty much only talked to him one time, but he has a great vision for the mission and things seem to be improving all around.
Friday was also the baptism interview for Jesus and Fernando. At the end of Jesus's interview our district leader came out and said that he didn't pass and that we would have to be interviewed by the presidente ... but then he said just kidding, Clown! I almost had a small heart attack
Anywho, Sabado was the baptism of Jesus and Fernando and also Carlos (investigator of Satélite) It was pretty awesome. All of their family showed up and a bunch of members showed up. And for the first time everything went pretty smoothly, except that the bishop showed up late because he was playing basketball, I guess that's a good excuse. But the baptism was awesome, it's always great to see people enter into the kingdom of God.
On Sunday was the confirmacion, which is always awesome too. It was pretty weird after the confirmacion I was likethese dudes are members. All in all it was a great week, I hope everyone has a fantástico week
Love Elder Webb

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Howdy pardners
I guess I'll go by the play by play, day by day again. I kinda like writing about everyday, plus I don't really remember what happened very good again. I have to admit I've kind of gotten lazy about writing in my journal, I used to write everyday but now it's like 2 times a week. Oh well I guess I'll have to repent.

I always like Mondays, it's always nice to hear from the fam and a few friends who occasionally write me. On Monday I remember that we visited Jesus and Fernando and committed them to go to all 5 sessions of conference (more on that later)

Tuesdays are always pretty good too. We always have our District meeting in the morning which is pretty boring but it's always cool to see the insights of the other Elders. In our district it's Elder Saquic, our fearless district leader who has 18 months but is headed home to his house after this transfer because a drunk dude threw a rock at his nose and he has to have surgery. There's also Elder Kinsella from Kaysvill who has 18 months and will be married the 15 of may 2017. Then there is my companion Elder Hernandez who is my companion and has 9 months out here. Then there is Elder Castillo who has 6 months and is actually from my generacion and is training Elder Castro from Culiacan, Mexico, and then there's me, haza

Wednesday's are pretty good to. I don't really remember much from Wednesday except that we had 71 contactos.

Thursdays are always one of my favorite days of the week too. On Thursday we always have planimento semenal, and as of now the club, club meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 if anyone would like to join.

Friday is also one of my favorite days of the week. On Friday the 30th of September I finished 1/4 of my mission. It's pretty weird that I've been out here for 6 months I know have the same amount of time left as a sister missionary who is entering the MTC, and I still feel like I just got here. Before my mission I thought once 6 months rolled around I would be a Spanish master, scripture wizard, practically perfect and babemaster, and although one those things is true the others aren't. Something I've learned and learned in the conference is that improving is a life long process. We have to always keep at it but it also naturally happens. But all and all I feel pretty good. I'm satisfied with my progression but I know that there's still a long ways to go.

On Saturday (one of my favotire days as well) we watched all of the sessions. I was lucky to be able to see all of them in English except for the last one. It made me feel more grateful for the opportunity to be guided by a prophet of the Lord and 12 apostles. And it's always awesome to see the prophet. Also I really like what he said about the word of wisdom. I thought it was interesting because in that moment President Monson was living the promised blessings that he explained, of added strength and help from the Lord. Usually I have a favorite talk, but all of 'em were super awesome.

Sunday, another great day of the week, was indeed a great day. Like I said earlier we invited Jesus and Fernando to attend all 5 sessions. And guess what? They came to every single one. We only had 2 investigators come the whole time, but they came for all 5 which was super awesome. And their baptismal service will be this Saturday at 6:30, boo yah.

And this Monday I accidentally spent 1000 pesos (that's like 3 dollars) on food for the entire month, and a costco card, pretty sweet.

Welp, I hope everyone has a wonderful week, If you didn't see all of general conference watch it, and if you already watched it, watch it again.
Love Elder Webb

Jesus on the left, Fernando on the right at the Priesthood session