Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The first epistole of Elder Webb to the Guadalupenses

Chapter 1
Guadalupe is filled with wickedness but luckily for the the power of the Lord came upon them,
and Elder Webb eats pizza, and hardly has anytime to write
1 And it came to pass that of the 4th P-day of the 11th cambio (I think) of the reign of Elder Webb over the people of Mexico, the Elders from the Zacatecas played soccer.
2 But behold the shedding of blood and tears of the pueblo of Zacatecas was indeed great between the wicked ones, because Elder Webb scored at least 100 goals, or at least 2.
3 And on the morrow, one of the most intense district meetings was given unto the wicked hermanas from Guadalupe 1 and my companion, behold they did learn how to use their time wisely, and invite others to attend church.
4 Never the less it was in vain because of the hardness of their hearts.
5 And it came to pass that while Elder Webb was ministering to the sick and casting out a load of demons, the Elders in Guadalupe had been teaching the Soliz Family of their wicked tradicions, and foolish ways.
6 It came to pass that they came to church on Sunday.
7 And the whole meeting was about tithing.
8 But it's ok, because the Spirit of the Lord was felt, and his glory was shone round about them.
9 Wherefore my beloved brethren from the states, I say unto ye, repent ye, repent ye, for the kingdom of God is at hand.
10 And it saddens me that ye may dwindle in unbelief because of your wicked ways.
11 Now behold my brethren the Lord has forbid me to write more, asi que, too da loo
12 love elder Webb

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