Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello friends
Welp, it has been another nippy week, but another great week. Is Thanksgiving this week or next? I was checking around here in Mexico and no one celebrates Thanksgiving -what a shame. But luckily we have an exciting lunch this Thursday with all of the zone.
In other exciting news, our fearless district leader is now in the hospital. A drunk dude about 3 months ago hucked a rock at his nose, and they are finally doing the operation. Elder Saquic is in the Satélite area, but Elder Castillo from Espanita 1 and will be with him in the hospital, and Elder Castillo's companion went to Satelite, basically what that means is that Elder Hernandez and I have 2 areas, woohoo. On Saturday we headed over to the other area and Elder Castillo introduced us to all their investigators and what not.
That same day the zone leaders gave us these special books about how to use technology in the mission. There's a bunch of rumors that were supposed to be getting iPads soon, but I don't know what we'd do with iPads here, I'm pretty sure we would have them for about a week, and after that all the iPads will have been robbed.
Things are still going good here, Jesus is still going strong in the church, but Fernando has fallen off the path a little bit. It's a bummer but I'm sure he will be coming back to church here in a few weeks. Also, remember the investigator who had her legs burnt super bad and went to the hospital. Well after 2 months she's out, and back in action. She's supposed be baptized the day before Christmas. Woo hoo. Merry Christmas to me!
Ya, but everything's going good here; the time is passing by fast. Anyways the other day I was thinking about a few questions. If Jesus Christ came tomorrow would we be ready? And if we died tomorrow would we be ready to meet our maker? I think it's interesting because everyone always responds that they're not ready. There are still things they need to do and there are still things they need to do better. And it's true, there are always things we need to do, always repentance that needs to be done, but what's important is where our heart is. If we really follow our Savior, and keep his commandments to the best of our ability, there's no need to fear. The righteous need not to fear. I would like to invite y'all to think about these questions. I remember in a talk from Elder Nelson. He said he was in a plane and was about to crash, on the brink of death, but he didn't feel worried. He knew that he had kept his covenants, and was clean of heart.
I hope everyone has a great week
Elder Webb
Our newest investigator that was spray painted on the back of the church.

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