Monday, December 5, 2016


Hmm, sorry for not writing last week. I had elder-sitting duties. Good old Elder Saquic was in the hospital for the last 2 week, as result of his nose injury, and Elder Castillo was getting bored, so I took to Monday shift.
These last two weeks have been kind of weird, we've been visiting all the invistigators from both areas, and it was mostly just a mess, all the appointments were falling through, and none of Elder Castillos investigators knew us, and it was just weird. But today we had transfers so everything is back to normal. Elder Saquic headed over to Aguascalients. Elder Sastillo went to Popular, which is here in San Luis Potosi, and I went to nowhere, and my companion is still here too. I've been here since August with this companion, but it's all good, he's a good companion.
Ya so I guess I'll be starting my 7th transfer, how weird. I have to say I feel very good in the mission. Sometimes I feel like I still have no idea what I'm doing, but that's ok, I don't know anything, but the Lord does. Anyways this was a pretty good week.We had a bunch of meetings and what not.
On Wednesday Elder Valensuela from the area presidency stopped by to have a meeting. It was great. He invited all the bishops and ward mission leaders, and we talked a little bit about working more with the wards. He did a pretty cool activity. He had all the ward leaders pull out their cell phones and send a message or a movie to the first friend that they felt something about. I was amazed how easy the work of the Lord was done through the power of technology. It was so easy they just clicked a few things and in minutes their friends responded and they were having a gospel conversation. So I'd like to invite everyone to do the same. Head on over to the internet, look at your friends and when you feel something, send em a video or a nice little message. I'm not kidding it was so but so easy and everyone had positive results. Something interesting that he said is that no one knows when the Lord will come again, but something that we do know is that he will come when the church is united, when there is unity, when the members truly become missionaries. Welp, I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Webb

Aw man I had some awesome photos, but the computer thingy doesn't work again.

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