Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Howdy pardners
I guess I'll go by the play by play, day by day again. I kinda like writing about everyday, plus I don't really remember what happened very good again. I have to admit I've kind of gotten lazy about writing in my journal, I used to write everyday but now it's like 2 times a week. Oh well I guess I'll have to repent.

I always like Mondays, it's always nice to hear from the fam and a few friends who occasionally write me. On Monday I remember that we visited Jesus and Fernando and committed them to go to all 5 sessions of conference (more on that later)

Tuesdays are always pretty good too. We always have our District meeting in the morning which is pretty boring but it's always cool to see the insights of the other Elders. In our district it's Elder Saquic, our fearless district leader who has 18 months but is headed home to his house after this transfer because a drunk dude threw a rock at his nose and he has to have surgery. There's also Elder Kinsella from Kaysvill who has 18 months and will be married the 15 of may 2017. Then there is my companion Elder Hernandez who is my companion and has 9 months out here. Then there is Elder Castillo who has 6 months and is actually from my generacion and is training Elder Castro from Culiacan, Mexico, and then there's me, haza

Wednesday's are pretty good to. I don't really remember much from Wednesday except that we had 71 contactos.

Thursdays are always one of my favorite days of the week too. On Thursday we always have planimento semenal, and as of now the club, club meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 if anyone would like to join.

Friday is also one of my favorite days of the week. On Friday the 30th of September I finished 1/4 of my mission. It's pretty weird that I've been out here for 6 months I know have the same amount of time left as a sister missionary who is entering the MTC, and I still feel like I just got here. Before my mission I thought once 6 months rolled around I would be a Spanish master, scripture wizard, practically perfect and babemaster, and although one those things is true the others aren't. Something I've learned and learned in the conference is that improving is a life long process. We have to always keep at it but it also naturally happens. But all and all I feel pretty good. I'm satisfied with my progression but I know that there's still a long ways to go.

On Saturday (one of my favotire days as well) we watched all of the sessions. I was lucky to be able to see all of them in English except for the last one. It made me feel more grateful for the opportunity to be guided by a prophet of the Lord and 12 apostles. And it's always awesome to see the prophet. Also I really like what he said about the word of wisdom. I thought it was interesting because in that moment President Monson was living the promised blessings that he explained, of added strength and help from the Lord. Usually I have a favorite talk, but all of 'em were super awesome.

Sunday, another great day of the week, was indeed a great day. Like I said earlier we invited Jesus and Fernando to attend all 5 sessions. And guess what? They came to every single one. We only had 2 investigators come the whole time, but they came for all 5 which was super awesome. And their baptismal service will be this Saturday at 6:30, boo yah.

And this Monday I accidentally spent 1000 pesos (that's like 3 dollars) on food for the entire month, and a costco card, pretty sweet.

Welp, I hope everyone has a wonderful week, If you didn't see all of general conference watch it, and if you already watched it, watch it again.
Love Elder Webb

Jesus on the left, Fernando on the right at the Priesthood session

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