Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello World

Hello world,
Let's see where do I start? Every week goes by super fast and sometimes I don't remember if the stuff that happened was from this week or the other. I guess I'll give you the low down day by day.

On Lunes after an exciting P-Day, we hit it hard in the streets with our ward mission leader who was called yesterday, Senovio. Just for the record I've had ward mission council or whatever a grand total of 1 time in my whole mission, and I've had a ward mission leader for like 5 weeks but the good news is that a new bishop was called who's all excited about the work of the Lord and he is super young, he has like 26 years, so we don't have to worry about him falling into the grave tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get things in shape here.

On Martes I strolled over to Satelite for intercambios with Elder K, it was a pretty enjoyable day, this guy was super relaxed, and decided to tell me about every... thing that he's done in the mission, also he already has his wedding all planned out, the date of his wedding is for the 15th of May.

On Miercoles I headed back over to EspaƱita and reunited myself with elder Hernandez. I have to say Elder Hernandez is a great missionary, and we are getting along quite well, on Wednesday we decided to leave with brooms in our hands to help people sweep their streets. It wasn't very effective but the Lord blessed us to next day with a lot of success.

On Jueves we had our weekly planning, I dunno why but all the missionaries don't like to do weekly planning, but I do. After the we headed over to the club, we've started a club here with these 3 recent converts and a bunch of old dudes, it's pretty fun. Dad you could join if you wanted.

On Viernes well I don't really remember let me check. Hmm... well Viernes was a normal day

On Sabado it was a pretty normal day too, we headed out in the morning and found almost nothing, but later in the afternoon we were able to find a bunch of people that we had been looking for, including 2 new investigators who were at church this Sunday. Also it rained and I forgot my umbrella :(

On Domingo we headed over to the church. I always like going to church it's a nice oportunidad to relax and feel the Spirit. Also these new 2 people Eduardo and his mom Faviola came to church which was a surprise but awesome, and Jesus also came too, Fernando was going to come but he had to go to the doctor. Speaking of Jesus and Fernando, they are progressing super well and will be baptized the 8th or 15th of October, haza!

And this Lunes I got a fresh new line up.

Anyway, this week I've been thinking a lot about general conference, because it's in a week. We've been telling all the members and less actives and well everyone to come to general conference. I think a lot of members know that President Monson is the prophet of God but I think a lot of the time we forget the significance of his calling, and the 12 apostles. These men are called by God and speak with the Lord to receive revalacion that we need to hear now. When the proph

et and the apostles are speaking it's like the Lord is speaking, I hope everyone goes to the conference, because it's going to be great. Welp Have a great week
Love Elder Webb

Also I've kind of forgotten to take pictures but here's a nice shot of San Luis

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