Monday, October 10, 2016


Well another great week here in Españita in San Luis Potosí Mission México aguascalientes. I don't know why are area is called Españita. The city isn't called Españita and there aren't any roads called Españita... there ain't nothin, Oh well.
Anywho, I guess I'll just skip to Friday because the other days were kind of boring and I don't remember much. On Friday was our exciting reunion de los paquetes or the zone meeting. Sadly no packages showed up but I did receive a letter from Sarah Tyree, Gracias Sarah. Anyways I'm noticed that ever since Presidente Hernandez showed up the quality of the zone meetings has improved drastically. I really like Presidente Hernandez. The truth is I've pretty much only talked to him one time, but he has a great vision for the mission and things seem to be improving all around.
Friday was also the baptism interview for Jesus and Fernando. At the end of Jesus's interview our district leader came out and said that he didn't pass and that we would have to be interviewed by the presidente ... but then he said just kidding, Clown! I almost had a small heart attack
Anywho, Sabado was the baptism of Jesus and Fernando and also Carlos (investigator of Satélite) It was pretty awesome. All of their family showed up and a bunch of members showed up. And for the first time everything went pretty smoothly, except that the bishop showed up late because he was playing basketball, I guess that's a good excuse. But the baptism was awesome, it's always great to see people enter into the kingdom of God.
On Sunday was the confirmacion, which is always awesome too. It was pretty weird after the confirmacion I was likethese dudes are members. All in all it was a great week, I hope everyone has a fantástico week
Love Elder Webb

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