Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Welp another exciting week here in the mission, I guess I'll start backwards.
Today was another exciting P-day, nah that's not true. I have to admit, P-Days are pretty boring. In the morning we headed over to the casa of the almighty Elder Castillo to wash our clothes for about 5 hours, then we headed over to Hermano Nacho's house for some grub, yep his name is Nacho, and now I'm here.

Yesterday, Sunday was pretty good too, Jesus received the Priesthood, and a new investigator Maricruz showed up. After church we went on exchanges with the members for the first time, it was pretty exciting, I went with hermano miguel, we dedicated a house and visited some people. It was fun, plus he had a mazda 3 so I gave him the low down on all the sweet upgrades he could do, well not really.

On Saturday Jesus came with us to do some visits. It was pretty cool, he has a pretty strong testimony for being a member for a week. We were talking with these atheists (that's spelled wrong) and he was like , Ay I used to be atheist, but now I believe in God, say a prayer and he'll show himself to you. It was pretty cool.

On Friday we had another exciting zone meeting, it was pretty good. After that we got put in a threesome, me, Elder Hernandez, and Elder Castillo, because an elder had to return home, but we have transfers this next week, so I'm think we'll be in a triĆ³ until then, for like a week. It's pretty weird to be in a threesome, especially since we have to work in our area and Elder Castillo's area, but it's fun too.

Anyways a quick thought, I was thinking about all the wickedness that always happens in the Book of Mormon, and I realized that all this stuff happens because the people weren't firm in the faith of Christ. Our foundation should be Jesus Christ, if we are truly firmly planted and founded upon Christ we will be able to withstand and and overcome anything that may happen to us.

Welp have a great week, too da loo
Elder Webb

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