Friday, September 2, 2016

Cambios Espaciales

Howdy y'all,
Well I guess I'll start with the exciting news first, I'm no longer in Zacatecas I am now in the great state of San Luis Potosi in Espanita 2, It's pretty weird. I've been here since Saturday and things are pretty good. I really like San Luis -everything is flat and it's more of how I imagined my mission. Also the people have been a lot more receptive. But we had emergancy transfers, so that's why I'm here, Elder Garcia was eating my cookies in the morning so I gave him the elbow....nah, just kidding. I have no idea why we had transfers but I heard that in Fresnillo they were having a lot of problems, because it's the most dangerous part of the mission. But who knows, it's kind of a bummer the 4 weeks that I had with Elder Garcia were easily the best 4 weeks of my mission, we were really clicking and our dynamic dou was just getting started.
Now I'm here with Elder Hernandez, he's from the city of Mexico, and has 8 months in the mission. He's a really hard worker which is awesome... it's the first time he's been in charge and is taking advantage of the situation. On the first day here we literally ran from house to house, literally.
On Saturday we had stake conference and on Sunday too, they talked a lot about the family and it was super great. Also presidente and his wife showed up, puro poder. They talked a lot about how the home is the best place to learn and teach the gospel, and it's true. Like the proclamation to the family says, the best and most ideal situation for families to have happiness and success is when there is a mom and a dad who live there and teach the gospel to their children. There are a lot of problems with that here in Mexico, a lot of broken families, but they said the the next place of support for those kids that don't have strong families is in the ward, and the families that are fortunate enough to have a strong family should be a support and example for those in need. I feel very blessed for the family that I have, my parents are almost perfect, my siblings too, and then there's me with all my problems, but that's ok that's why I'm here in Mexico. Nah, but I feel really lucky to be raised the way I was raised, and to have a knowledge of the gospel the oportunidad to share it with everyone. I hope everyone has a great week, I love and miss each of you
Love Elder Webb
Also sorry for the boring letters recently I'll try to spice it up next week

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