Monday, August 22, 2016

Agua Fria

Howdy y'all,
I came to the sad realization this week the at the end of this month I will have 5 months here, 5, that's 4 numbers after 1. It's hard to believe. Pretty much all the missionaries I know here in the mission are ending their missions, my companion received his itenerery, huh, that's not spelled right, his travel information. Everyone says it goes by fast and it's true.
Anyway into the highlights of this week. On Tuesday we had companion exchanges er something like that I don't remember what it's called and I had the opportunity to do it with Elder Ascencios here in my area. It was pretty fun, Elder ascencios has 2 weeks here in the mission and like a year as a member... he is a great missionary. I remember when I had 2 weeks, not pretty. I dunno I feel like I was able to help him a little more... I told him what helped me a lot is to focus on the needs of the investigators and the impressions that come from the Holy Ghost, and to act on them. The next morning during our personal studies, he was reading chapter 4, how to recognize the Spirit, nice. Also I don't know if I've said this before, but in the mornings when we shower we have this little iron thingy to heat up the water, and then we dump the water on our heads, it's pretty miserable, but what's even more miserable, is that our little iron thingy broke this week on Monday, so this week it's been pure fresh to def water. Needless to say I don't think I've showered very good this week, and there's a small chance that I'm a little dirty. Oh well.
On Sunday I taught about the millenium in the gospel principles class (it was the first time I taught the whole lesson too) it was a pretty good lesson, I think. The millenium is pretty cool, 1000 years of peace and happiness when Christ shall reign personally on the earth. I think it's interesting these are the last days, and what's even more interesting is that after 1000 years of that Satan will have a little time to gather together his armies for the last battle, and he shall be shamefully smitten, with an embarrassing loss (like the Utah Jazz) and will be cast out forever with his followers. And I really like that because as we all know God is going to win, satan is going to lose, but it's our decision which team we join. As everyone is starting school and work and all the hububalo, just remember the team that your on. Put the Lord before everything else, and everything else will be provided. Have a great week!
Love Elder Webb

Buenas Noches

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