Monday, August 8, 2016

Los Paquetes

Hola yall
How's it going? Well this was a pretty exciting week. Anyways turns out Elder Garcia is actually from Capulka o algo así... and we had a pretty good first week together, I think it was the most successful week I've had in my mission. He has 22 months in the mission and is a little tired but still wants to work hard and that's all that matters.
This week there was this festival shin dig thingy of like 30 different countries in the area de las hermanas, and pretty much everyone in our area headed over to the area of the sisters or were in their last week of their vacations, so it was a little hard to find people, but that nonsense is over, so hopefully we will be able to have even more success this week. Also sorry if everything is spelled wrong, I'm looking at these words and they kind of looks right so that's good I guess. I feel like my tongue is in the being loosed process, there are moments when everything comes flying out of my mouth and everything flows good, but then like 10 seconds later I have no idea what to stay or it's hard to talk and I have to think a bunch. That was pretty much the story of this week, the week before I felt pretty good, but this week I dunno it was a struggle, and also this week I pretty much taught the majority of all the lessons, so I guess that would probably account for more studdering. Oh well one of these days it's supposed to come together, I've decided to focus less on worrying about spanish and more on how I can become a better missionary.
Oh ya and good news mom, on Friday we had our zone meeting where we receive the packages, and the zone leaders finally came through for me, I received dos one yellow bad thingy and a box, thanks mom :). Also that same day some clown decided to give me their number on the bus. We were riding back from the lunch and these 2 girls asked to use my pencil, I said si after like 10 minutes of snickering they handed me my pencil with this note nonsense attached, don't worry I promptly deposited it into the garbage.
Anyways I have a scripture for you guys Alma 38:5 and where it says
Shiblon put your name there instead of his. I hope everyone is having a great summer,
I love and miss you all -
Elder Webb

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