Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Por Fin Jaun C.

Hola all,
Well another great week in the mission. So finally after years of work er well a few months Juan C was finally baptized! Once again before the baptism everything was a complete mess. On Friday Juan C had his interview with the zone leaders which he passed but on the way back to our house at like well, the middle of the picking night the bishop called us and the next day Juan C had to be interviewed again at 1 before his baptism, which he passed again. Then we were going to fill up the font but we  left the keys to the boiler in the house, so we went back to the house got the keys and started to fill up the font but the water smelled like hard boiled eggs, so we drained the font and cleaned it out again, and the relief society president dumped this bottle of clorox into the font, and then after that everyone showed up like an hour late, but that's normal. Also all the speakers bailed on us, but that's normal too. But the baptismal service and the baptism itself were really nice.
I remember the first week I arrived in Zacatecas we were supposed to baptize Juan C but it didn't happen, but thanks to the Lord and because of the hard work of Juan C he was finally able to be baptized. I think one of the most satisfying and rewarding parts of serving a mission is when the people change their lives and especially when someone is baptized. Right now I pretty much have the desire to baptize everyone in the world. The rest of the week was pretty good too, it's been a little hard to find new people or just to find people because everyone is starting school this week or next and are getting back from their vacations and all that.
Also on Wednesday we ate this "chinese food" for lunch, I'll admit it was pretty good, but afterwards I was thinking, man I could really go for some Golden Valley(in AZ) right about now, that's where it's at. I could also really go for  temple right about now too, that's where it's at! Oh well in 20 months or so.
Anyways this morning I was reading a scripture in doctrine and covenants 88: 63, it says (mas o menos) "draw near unto to me, and I will draw near unto you." And I really like this scripture, because it's true if we come unto Christ, he will come to us. That's one of the great messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ, if we are actively seeking him he will seek us and take us higher then we can imagine. Everything is easier said then done, but the gospel is so simple, when we do our part the Lord will always do his. I hope everyone is having a great week and that everyone enjoys the last days of summer!
love- Elder Webb

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