Monday, July 25, 2016

Pizza, man

Hola y'all,
This has been a pretty good week as usual. Also sorry for the boring and short letters, we haven't had much time on Mondays, including today. Anyway this week is the last week of the 12 semanas, woo hoo, and the last week of my second transfer is the mission, zoinks. On Saturday I think I will have 4 months in my mission which is pretty weird. I know I've said this like 100 times but I feel like I've been here for 4 years or 4 weeks I don't know what"s going on. One thing that doesn't work right in the mission is time- there is never enough of it and it always goes by fast slowly. I dunno man.
The weather is pretty hot here, by my estimations I would say it's between 80 and 90 most days, it usually rains for a little bit too. With these ridicilious hats that we wear my head is always on fire, along with my pits...but that's a different story.
Anyway the other day we were talking with JuanCarlos who originally had a baptismal date For well the 27th of May due to the fact that he's 17 and his parents/grandparents (it's complicated he lives with his grandparents but his parents are still in charge or whatever) wouldn't allow it. So we had to delay it for a bit and slowly all of the members of his family have changed their minds, and yesterday the last weak link, his dad, said he could be baptized, so he wants to be baptized this week or next which is awesome. JuanCarlos is a great kid. He went to what would be efy here with the youth this week. The rest of our other investagators are doing good too. Juan and his wife Maria (the drunk guy) were at the church again which would make 4 consecutive times for Juan. It's pretty crazy, because he contacted us in the street, he's a great dude too.
The food is still pretty good here, except for the fact that I'm always dieing of famishment. I think we ate pizza like 5 times this week. We were at this family home evening with one of the familias in our ward and at the end they pulled out these mystery pizzas, I don't know why but all the mexicanos like to eat their pizza with a bunch of stuff on it, I prefer good old cheese but anyway they pulled out these two pizzas with these massive mushrooms on them, I can eat most things but I can't do mushrooms. But anyways they pulled out that and the first slice went down pretty good, but the second had this massive mushroom on it, nasty, I went in for the bite and the hermana was watching me (I think she was suspicious that I didn't like it, which I guess would be true) luckily her grandaughter started to cry (she knew I was suffering) in which moment I quickly spit the mushroom onto the ground. Thanks to my heroics I am still alive. Anyway I hope everyone has a great week
 Elder Webb

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