Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The First Week

I would like to appoligize in advance, this computer only detects spanish words, so everything has the red squigly line of doom underneath it. Anyways this was another great week in the mission. A lot has happened, it seems like it was really long, but at the same time it went by really fast. Story of my mission. It seems like the other day is was sitting around on the couch in Alpine with nothing to do, well not really. So anyways, my companion is Elder Arroyo, he is from Guatemala and he knows little to no English. He has been out in the mission for 20 months so he has a lot of experience, and he is very good. He kind of reminds me of my main man Chase Battaglia. He's a pretty hard worker and knows a lot of scriptures and stuff, so that's always good. Our area is Zacatecas it's hot, rainy, windy, sunny, u name it. It's really hilly and there are a bunch of people here, it kind of reminds me of what I thought Mexico would be like. I don't really know how big it is because our zone is the zacatecas zone and there are 26 missionaries in our zone but out district is super big, like a ton of land, and we only have 4 people in our district. Anyways the first day was pretty long, we left the CCM at 2:30am arrived in Aguascalientes at 7 or so and then we had all of these meeetings in Spanish that were apparently super important for like 8 hours and then we took a bus to Zacatecas and arrived around 7:30, so the first day we didn't really do anything. I just remember thinking at the end of the day that was the longest day of my life. The next day we didn't really do anything either, we had this ridiculous district meeting which took forever, and then my companion got to call his Mom because apparently mothers day is on the 10th in Mexico, and then we went out for like an hour and no one was home because of the Mother's day festivities. But the 3rd day was great, we have studies everyday from 8-12, personal study, companion study, First 12 weeks and language after that we had the rest of the day, We had 8 lessons which was great and a bunch of other good stuff. Of course I couldn't really say/understand much so I kind just sat there and looked good. U know. For the first few days I had no idea what was going on, and I still don't really know what's going on, but I can follow along now and understand what the lesson is about. We were supposed to have a baptism this week, but the kid who was going to get baptized is 17 and his grandparents would not let him, so he has to wait for a year. I believe we have a baptism this weekend or next, so that's awesome. This week I invited 2 people to be baptized, so boo yah, one of them said yes. The Spanish is going pretty good, I can usually understand what people are trying to say, but I don't have much to say back. It's kind of funny most of the poeple in Mexico know a little English so whenever they say something and think I don't understand they try and explain it in English and then I'm just like, now I have no idea what you're talking about. Anyways I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Webb

1-District at CCM
2-Me and my district in Zacatecas

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