Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Howdy Everyone

Howdy everyone-
This week was pretty good. I don't know why but when ever I write these I can't remember anything. So I guess I'll start with what happened most recently. Today was P-Day. We played basketball and football with some of the members. They were pretty good a soccer, but I've never played a more pathetic game of basketball, embarrassing. Anyways, yesterday was Sunday. Sunday's are kind of weird here. We have Church stuff until like 5, so it's kind of hard to do anything on Sunday. But the good news is that we had 3 investigators at Church, boo yah 2 more then last week. One of them gets baptized in 2 weeks, it was supposed to be next week, but apparently we have stake conference next week. And then the rest of the week we had a bunch of great lessons and stuff like that. I think we had like 30 lessons this week. Also we found 7 new investigators, one of which is super interested, and came to church after 1 lesson. I committed her to baptism too, nice.
One of the good things about Mexico is that we always have things to do, there are always people to visit, and people will generally listen and are interested. And usuallyish they will do what we ask them to. And even if they don't want to hear it, they are still polite, and find the nicest lie for why they can't listen. The truth is that being a missionary is super fun. The MTC is 'nothing' when compared to the real deal. I've been here for 2 weeks and I've learned so much, it's awesome. But at the same time I still have no idea what I'm doing. We went to this elderly sisters house this week and my companion went to the bathroom or something, and I'm pretty sure if she was speaking English I wouldn't have been able to understand her, but anyways she was asking me all these questions and I kind of just made stuff up and said si alot. That's pretty much been what I've been doing these last 2 week. Now I can usually understand what people are talking about, and during the lessons I know what's going on, but everytime someone asks me a question I have no idea what's going on again. It's the worst. But whatever, I know that one day I will speak Spanish through the help of the Lord, all things are possible through Him. I hope everyone has a great week! I have 0 pictures, sorry. Next week I'll get a picture of the dudes that ride on the back of these trucks with fully automatic guns. Anyways have a fabulous week and don't forget who you are.
Elder Webb

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