Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 1 in the real world

Hey, ya'll. It was nice to talk to everyone (cough Kendall) on sunday, sounds like everyone is doing good. I am doing good, we left this morning at 2:30, our flight left at like 6 and we had a 40 minute flight to Aguascalientes. It's a lot different then Mexico City the airport was like in the middle of nowhere, so we took like a 40 minute drive into the city, which is pretty nice. It's super dry here everything is yellow, there's a lot of empty space but in the city it's really populated. In the mission there are 178 missionaries, 5 new ones today. I headed out to zacatecas which was like a 2 hour bus ride with Elder Arroyo, (the other 2 new elders stayed in/close to Aguascalientes) he seems like a great missioinary and speaks great spanish since he's a Latino. Today has probably been the longest day of my life, I've just been super tired. And everyones been speaking spanish the whole time which I can kind of put together but not really. We haven't gotten into any of the action yet, but tomorrow I'm sure we will. Also my mission President was going to send some pictures so don't be suprised if those show up, or don't. Thanks for the prayers, I apperciate it
Elder Webb  

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