Friday, March 3, 2017


Howdy y'all-
This will be snappy, but you might be wondering why I'm writing y'all on Tuesday. We'll get to that. So this week was mas o menos. From Monday until Wednesday my companion was sick so we didn't do much.
Later on Friday we had the exciting meeting with President Nelson. I'm just gonna say it, it was a mess. When we showed up to the reunion President Piper and Elder Valenzuala entered and told us Presidnet Nelson's flight was delayed and that we should all pray so that he would make it, but he never showed up. It was kind of sad. The meeting was in Zacatecas (my old area) so after the meeting all of Aguascalientes headed back home, but on the way out the bus got stuck in the road. Literally the back of the bus was like 6 inches of the road, so we waited on the side of the road and after like 3 or 4 hours the bus got unstuck. But after the police wanted money for the damage that the bus did to the ground and later the bus company and everything. So we headed on over to the hotel where presidente was staying and he ordered another bus, and at that point it was 1 in the morning and everyone was dying of hunger, so presidente ordered food for the whole mission and we returned back in Aguas at like 4 in the morning and everyone in Aguas slept in the house of the ap's. and we returned back to Calvillo the next day at like 12. What a mess. but even without President Nelson the meeting was pretty good and I learned some new things.
Yesterday and today were pretty exciting as well. We did indeed have transfers. My new companion is from Guatemala, and he has 2 days in the mission. We had a traning sesh that last 2 days and now we are here in Calvillo, pretty exciting. I'm really excited to train a new missionary. I think it will be a great learning experience. I hope everyone has a terrific week
lots of love- Elder Webb

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