Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hola todos,

Man I'm getting fat out here, this week the members decided to be in a giving mood. Yesterday we had like this 20 course meal for lunch, then we went to visit an older hermana and she gave us all these cakes and goodies, and then on the way out she handed us her trick-or-treat bag or something, it ain't even halloween. I'm pretty sure when we left the people in the street thought we were going from door to door collecting candy er something. And then the next person we went to visit gave us ice cream, and then after that someone gave us dinner. If that ain't success, I don't know what is. the food here is pretty good too, the other day me and my companion discovered a new delicasy, apparently it's called Dorinachos, which it Doritos+a bunch of other stuff, like corn, salsa, lettuce, some squishy white thing. I've also invented the newest meal in Mexican cuisine, the chip quesadilla, genius! Half the time I have no idea what i'm eating here, plus the meals are all wack here they have breakfast in the morning, then lunch is at like 3 and it's the biggest meal of the day, then half the time they don't even have dinner, oh ya and the lunch is like 7 hours long. That's the worst part of the day for me, don't get me wrong I like eating and all, but I got things to do, people to see, and the worst part is I'm always done in like 10 minutes. Also I've come to realize that everything in the United states is a rip off, something that is like 3 dollars there is like 9 pesos here which is like 75 cents.

Anyways ,we had a pretty good week this week. The first 2 days were kind of slow, we went out in the boonies to try and find this lady, but no one was home. That's the worst when we walk super far and are super sweaty and tired only to find nothing. The other days were good though, on Friday we had our exciting zone meeting, which basically means we sit on the bus for the same amount of time as the meeting. It was good though, and I said the closing prayer, represent. It was also sad though because I had no mail :(. Then on Saturday was the exciting baptism, boo yah! We went over in the afternoon to prepare the font and set up all the chairs and everything, but it just turned into a mess. Like 20 minutes before the baptism was supposed to start we discovered that we did not have a baptism suit for Gabina, so we called some other missionaries and when we arrived to pick it up it was in the washing machine, clowns, so it was super wet and all soapy. Then we got back and it was like 10 minutes after and nobody was there (typical) including the bishop, so we called him and he had forgotten the there was a baptism, and that he was the person preforming the baptism. Ya but the baptismal service itself was really nice, and it was a
wesome. It's just a great feeling and the Spirit was really strong. Just when you see someone come out of the water clean again, on the path to eternal life it's great. Welp I'm out of time, I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Webb

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