Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey yall,

Mom- happy birthday (I wore black for the special occasion :) ) and Pa happy Pa's day, also sorry I didn't write much last week, I don't really remember what happened but we didn't have any time. Anywho, it's hard to believe but today is the 1st day of my 2nd transfer. And guess what, I'm not a scripture wizard, I haven't mastered the art of Spanish, and I haven't transformed into a Latino yet. But I have mastered the chip quesadilla, genius! I would probably rate my first transfer a solid 7 out of 10, ya anyways 2 weeks ago we had an exciting zone conference with presidente and the assistants, it was pretty good, for part of the conference we talked about the new dress standards or whatever. I don't know if it's a rule of what, but now the Hermanas have to/can wear pants and elders y hermanas can wear hats and sunglasses. nice. I dunno, for me it's kind of ridicilious, it's a bunch of teenagers walking around in suits with their sunglasses and like a fadora, Austin Walker can pull it off, but the rest of us aren't on the same level of swag.
Also I guess that was the last meeting we will have with Presidente Villarrel because on the 30th I think, Presidente Hernandez will take charge and Presidente Villarrel will bounce out. Apparently we are supposed to have a bunch of changes, yesterday like all of the zone was changed, and I'm sure when the new President comes we will have a bunch of changes again. In other exciting news, after the meeting with the president, Elder Harnandez one of the assistants went on splits I guess with me and elder arroyo, he was really good, and knows what he's doing. Then next day I had companion exchanges with the almighty zone leader Elder Maybe, he was pretty good too, and I headed off to Mineros with him for a day. As a new missionary it was awesome to go with them and I was able to learn a lot, After that everything went back to normal.
Our investigadores are doing pretty good, we have 3 ready for baptism, Veronica Puch, Esperanza Cruz, and JuanCarlos. Also Gabina who was just baptized is doing awesome, and everytime we go to visit her she always tells us how great shes doing, and the change that she's had in her life. Nice!
Anyways I had a thought yesterday, during our prayer we are always asking for stuff, we always want things different, and we always want new stuff, well at least for me I dunno about you guys. I'm always praying for the gift of tongues. Anyway, I think it's important that we recognize that the Lord has a plan for us, he know what best, and I think one of the purposes of prayer is so we can know the will of God for us, not so we can ask that the will of God will be changed for us. I dunno life is always a lot better when we know where we are going, and when we follow God's plan it might not be easy but we can always find peace and happiness in our lives.
We went to visit a recent convert the a few days ago who has a bunch of problems, and she decided it would be a good idea to start taking marajuana, womp, womp, womp, she told us the she prayed and asked the Lord if it would be ok, We asked her what her answer was and she said she didn't know, we then proceeded to tell her that it was most certainly not. Anyways choose the right, and have a great week.

Elder Webb

Also check out these awesome pictures

This is familia Castillo and some other people on Hermana Arevalo's (in pink) last day in the mission (yesterday)

Oh ya, mad skills

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