Tuesday, January 31, 2017

10 Big'ns

This week was pretty intense. Let me think about what we did. Oh ya, so this week was pretty intense. I don't know how, but I was only in my area for like 3 days. I guess I'll give y'all the day by day, play by play.
Monday was another exciting p-day. The house here in Calvillo is new so it does need much cleaning. So while elder Asencios was taking a nap, I cleaned up his stuff, heh heh. Then we watched the movie about President Monson "On the Lord's Errand" which I've seen about 10 times, but it's still awesome. After that we went to check out all the fine eats here in Calvillo. Then we visited some people.
Tuesday was another exciting district meeting day. Everything went pretty good. The ap's didn't show up, so it was a little better. And after that, due to the long travel distance, from Cloinas to Calvillo and due to the fact that we had another meeting the following day, we had exchanges with the ap's. I headed out with the poderoso Elder Staley from the great city of Idaho Falls. He's a pretty great missionary.
Wednesday, we had the super exciting world wide broadcast with Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Elder Anderson, and a few other people. It was pretty exciting. They changed up the schedule a little bit, basically they gave the missionaries the flexibility to choose when they want to schedule. We still haven't put the new schedule in practice, but Presidente is going to give us a new schedule this coming Friday. They also changed the key indicators.
On Thursday and Friday, I had exchanges with the all mighty zone leader Elder Foster from the great city of Kanab, so I headed on over to their area in Trojes. It was pretty good; we had pretty good success and we also found this magic pizza place that was delicious.
On Saturday and Sunday I was back in Calvillo and we were able to go to work. All in all, this week was pretty busy, but also very good.
Last week I shared a thought about faith but at the end I said by our fruits we shall receive the everlasting fruit, and I dunno that's kind of not true. Everything is made possible thanks to Jesus Christ. He payed the price so we can be free, but he didn't eliminate our responsibility to repent and do the right thing, I'm very thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he is the way and by the power of his saving grace we may be saved, I hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Love Elder Webb <3

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