Sunday, April 10, 2016

week 1

I don't even know where to start, I´'ve been here for a week now, but it feels like I've been here forever, and to be honest I can barley remember what happened the first few days. Also I forgot to bring my paper with everyones email on it, and I apologize in advance when I send you a crappy email cuz we have like no time to write and also I haven't figured out how to upload pictures. But it's been really good, my companinon is elder Christensen, he is from smithfield utah, and he's 21, so ya. Then there's elder Jordan and Elder Smith, and then theres sister clubb, coburn, curtis, and daughtery, who are in my district they're all cool. Aside from smelling like an outhouse, Mexico city is super cool there's like 30 million people that live here it's nuts. The MTC here is pretty nice we pulled up on the first day and there were 2 dudes with ak47s outside... I probably shouldn't say that, it's super safe here, the food is decent, yesterday they served ham sandwhiches for breakfast, i was like fir real what is this, it's either something weird like that or weird looking eggs for breakfast. But then they had pizza for dinner so I guess they made up for that. Honestly it hasn't been to bad here, everyone was like if u can survive until the first Sunday, then you can make it through anything. The first few days were long but not hard, also we had general conference, which we watched in english, so that probably made it a little easier. My favorite talk was from president utchdorf in the priesthood session. I feel like my spanish is pretty good for only being here for a week. I can bear a simple testimony, say a prayer, teach a simple lesson, and have a basic conversation with someone, along with some other stuff in Spanish. It's ridiculious how much people can learn here. I've also taken it upon myself to share some of the american slang with the latinos.. but in spanish like infermo (sick), legit which sounds like le-heat, it's halarious, they just stare and looked confused. We also had the opportunity to go the temple today, apparently it's the 4th largest temple, it was nice but it took like all day and now I have no time to write this email. Ya the pictures aren't worknig, but I hope everyone had a good week.
Love, Elder Webb

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